Store your best memories in a digital photo album

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First were the cave paintings, then we progressed to oil paintings, and finally, we invented photography. Throughout our existence, we relentlessly try to seize those special moments which mean the most to us. It’s just something we need to do. Today, luckily for us, with the help of digital cameras and smartphones we can take digital photos that almost match the same quality rendered only by the human eye. So what do we do with these perfect snapshots? I think we should put them where they belong. In a digital photo album.

From paper photos to digital photos

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Actually, that depends on the photographer’s skills but we’re here to discuss the effect not what causes it. With the present technology, anyone can call themselves at least an enthusiast snapper. If you use Facebook or Linkedin or Instagram, and I’m sure you do, you’ve witnessed how detail-oriented and how much passion most users pour into their photos. This is what we all do now. We eat something. We take a photo. Holiday in Barcelona. Photos galore. We’re at the singles table at our best friend’s wedding… better hide. You get the gist. But when it comes to storing these wonderful memories most of us abandon them on some memory disk or on iCloud. This brings us to the digital photo album. The place where your photos want to live and tell their stories.

What is a digital photo album?

Like its traditional counterpart, the digital photo album is a collection of photos. Usually, these photos are arranged in the order they’ve been taken or by a certain thematic: wedding, birthday, holiday, etc. However, the digital photo album can be much more than that because it allows you to customize everything. Let’s say you want to resize an image. No problem. It might be possible you want to add captions. No problem again. If you want to change the background or text color? You’ve guessed it. No Problemo. The possibilities here are endless.

How to create a digital photo album

Well, it’s pretty darn easy. You can simply drag-and-drop your photos into Flipsnack’s editor and they’ll upload instantly. If this is the first time you’re making a digital photo album don’t worry, we’ve put our best graphic designers to work and they came up with some impressive templates you can use. Play around and discover the myriad possibilities which can enrich your digital photo album’s aspect. To get you started we chose these two templates so why don’t you just go ahead and check them out.

Wedding photo album template

wedding album

Edit this album template

The first one is an example of how a digital wedding photo album should look. Marriage is a big moment in everyone’s life and keeping that sweet emotion fresh is key. Over the years, when we’re overtaken by nostalgia, we can always return to our wedding album and relive those special moments.

Professional photography template

professional photo album

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If you happen to be an aspiring professional photographer you should know that a well-organized digital photo album can take you places. Drawing attention to your work is of utmost importance therefore we thought to give you an example. Our professional photography template bares Anne Gray’s signature, a serial award-winning photographer.

Start a digital photo album from scratch

Also, there’s another path for those of you who want to be original. Flipsnack’s editor, as I already mentioned above, gives you a large array of possibilities. You can literally do anything with your photos. Personally, I find the clipping masks feature quite entertaining and useful at the same time. This feature allows you to display your photos and images in different shapes. If you want to use it you’ll find it in the shapes category. Just drag the desired shape on the page and then drag an image from your library on top of it. You can resize the image and move it around to make sure the mask highlights what you wish it to.

Last but not least

Now that you’ve seen for yourself how easy it is to make a digital photo album try to make one for yourself, or for a beloved friend, or for a client. Life goes by in the blink of an eye and all we’re left with are the experience we had along the road. It doesn’t really matter how good a photographer you are. The photos will speak louder then you think if you present them accordingly. Preferably in a digital photo album.

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