Brand guidelines often take a lot of time to come up with. You have to make sure all the information is 100% accurate, placed in the right order, and not absolutely torturous to read for employees. Easier said than done.

But don’t fret! As some of you may already know, we have quite a few free templates here at Flipsnack. They range from simple event flyers to fashion magazines. We’re very proud of the work that our incredibly talented designers have done.

With that said, today we’re going to focus on some of our favorite templates for brand guidelines. There are quite a few, so I won’t list them all. But from this list, you’ll certainly get a nice variety.

Okay! Enough messing around. Let’s get into it. Here are some templates for brand guidelines that you need to have.

Modern brand guidelines template


(Click here to get this template)

This brand guidelines template has it all. The imagery, the contemporary style, and even a cool jellyfish. As you click through the pages, you’ll get pops of color and black-and-white imagery that’s sure to impress anyone who reads it.

The reason I like this one so much is because it manages to pull off a simple look, yet remains highly detailed. It’s a nice balance from page-to-page, and there’s nothing that’s so distracting that it draws your attention away from the content. Although this list isn’t in any particular order, this one is definitely one of my favorite brand guidelines templates around.

Minimalist brand guidelines


(Click here to get this template)

This brand guidelines template is for the minimalist in all of us. But, as simple as it is, it definitely gets the job done. The combination of the colors, the white space, and the abstract images have a soothing tone to them.

For this brand guidelines template, I think any sort of company that sells something like skincare remedies, soaps, clothing, or even home decor could easily use it. There are a lot of applications and potential for this one.

Tech company guidelines template


(Click here to get this template)

Tech companies often have a lot of information to give out to employees. It can be difficult to capture all that info in a creative and not so complicated way. However, I think this template pulls it off very well. 

It’s light and leaves plenty of room for all the little details. It uses playful colors to keep your eyes moving from page to page, and still offers white space to give your eyes an extra bit of rest in between.

As the title suggests, this template will probably work best for tech- related/SaaS companies. But who knows? With a little creative editing, a few pictures replaced, and your specific guidelines, it might just work in a lot of other industries. Give it a shot.

Corporate guidelines template


(Click here to get this template)

As fun as it is to be over-the-top and hipster, there are plenty of moments where we all need to be a little more… corporate. If that sounds like familiar, then this brand guidelines template is the one for you. Flipping through the pages isn’t necessarily boring, but it does give off a very professional and corporate look. But, our designers did such an amazing job that it still looks oh so good!

Of course, this template will work well with just about any corporate agency. All you really need to do is change up the colors a little bit to match your brand, change the name, add your details, and you’re all set. This template doesn’t need much to be your own custom work of art.

Corporate guidelines template #2


(Click here to get this template)

This template is the perfect example of how something can be corporate and playful at the same time. To put it simply: this thing is fun to look at. The colors, abstract shapes, and dark theme is very visually pleasing. It’s almost like you’ve walked into an art gallery.

This corporate brand guidelines template still works well with any corporate agency, but I think that it can also be used for a more laid back brand, too. Because of its unique design, it can easily be adapted to just about anyone’s needs. It offers plenty of room (don’t worry, you can add more if you need) and yet it uses the given space perfectly.

This one is definitely worth a closer look, so be sure you click that link if you like it!

Beautiful guidelines template


(Click here to get this template)

There are only a few templates out there that can pull off the word beautiful. This template, however, is definitely one of them. The custom logos and calming colors definitely show off the hard work that was put into this one, and man, what a stunner!

In a way, this template almost allows you to tell your brand’s story through the amount of imagery on each page. With that said, it’s definitely not for everyone. Although this template still allows for plenty of room to add your guidelines, it boasts a very specific style that simply doesn’t match up with every brand out there. Then again, you can edit it in any way you want. But, more on that later in the article.

Elegant brand guidelines template


(Click here to get this template)

One of the most unique aspects of this template is that it carries the same uniform design from front to back. The lime green font color absolutely pops on the clean white background, and each page leaves lots of room to display some images.

With all that said, this is a great brand guidelines template for any brand that sells a product. The framed images on each page will allow you to display all your products for any employee to reference and get more information on.

How to edit brand guidelines templates

You heard me mention editing each of these templates a few times above. No matter which one you pick, you’ll have to devote a little time to making it fit your brand. But, it’s so easy.

With Flipsnack’s editor, you can have any of our templates looking like 100% custom works in a matter of minutes. The best part? You don’t need any design skills whatsoever. It really is as simple as a few clicks.

So let’s say that you absolutely hate the lime green font color of the last template we reviewed. No worries. You can change the color to match your brand’s color pallet exactly. Simply type in the hex code, and you’re set to use the custom color whenever you want.


What about the fonts? Well, that can be changed, too! Upload your brand’s custom font into our editor, use it on your brand guidelines book, and even save it to use later.

In fact, you can save all of your brand identity settings so that all you have to do is click. There are so many options, features, and packages for you to choose from. I’m certain you’ll find the perfect choice for your needs.

But, if you already have some brand guidelines, we have a PDF upload fucntion that allows you to make your PDF files interactive and engaging.

So there you have it. Remember, these are just a few of the many templates that we offer. More are added weekly, so be on the lookout! For now, enjoy these templates for brand guidelines.

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