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Are you using these five awesome ingredients in your product catalogs? Try them and your publications will have a powerful effect on your readers.

1. Images

A shopping catalog without photos is like socks without feet. The whole purpose of a product catalog is to present what it sells and that can’t be done properly without images.

To make a professional catalog use professional images that highlight the quality of your products.

2. Links

If you have an online shop, you should link each product presented in the catalog to the page where you sell it. You can also add links to the official Facebook, Twitter and website pages of your brand.

3. Expandable captions

Captions are super awesome. Use them to present explanatory text about products. Check them out in this Accessorize catalog.

Accessorize catalog

4. Forms

They are perfect for important announcements, market research and for increasing your subscriber list.

5. PayPal widget

Do you sell via PayPal? Create a Flipsnack catalog and add PayPal widgets. Your customers will be able to view your products and order them in the same place!

Where can you get these ingredients? At Flipsnack!

Check out our Content editor to insert all these elements and more in your catalogs.

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  1. I like the option to embed videos. Can I also embed an iframe from a website?


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