advice for writers

J.K. Rowling is one of the greatest storytellers of our time, and her magical Harry Potter series has become a worldwide phenomenon. She’s the first billionaire author and one of the most famous writers of our time, so she’s someone whose advice you can trust. If you need some tips or if you’re struggling with […]

infographic for writers

When you hear the word “writer”, the first thing that pops into your mind is probably book author. However, there are many other types of writers out there: bloggers, columnists, screenplay writers, copywriters, journalists and so on. What does it take to become a writer? All that is requiered is a little creativity and a lot of determination, because […]

how to promote a book

If you are about to publish your own book in the near future (and not only), we recommend you keep in mind a few aspects regarding promotion before you actually go public. Prepare the ground for what is about to come so that it can be appreciated to its full potential. It’s like not eating […]

good editor

Whether you’re writing for an entrepreneurship magazine like I do, or a high-performing blog, or working on a best-selling novel, you always need a good editor. Good editing is important, because no matter how good of a wordsmith you may be, you always need more than one pair of eyes. Writers often get too close […]

evolution of book covers design

Everyone knows the age-old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, but we have to be realistic and admit that everyone does that. A great book cover design should make you think. It should communicate about the story that is between the covers, to spark an interest about the topic. The style in which […]

Writer's block

Writers block or creative block can happen to anyone: writer, marketer, blogger. To name a few reasons, it can appear when you’re stressed out, burnt-out, depressed, anxious or stuck in a rut. It feels like your creative juices aren’t flowing and your muse is not speaking to you. The realisation that you’re stuck can worsen […]

Chip Kidd

Chip Kidd studied graphic design at Penn State, one of the biggest universities in the US. In 1986, at 22 years old, he started designing for Knopf, and he still works there as an art director. Kidd is the author of many books: fiction, non-fiction, comics and one graphic novel. Some popular titles include “The […]

book presentation

Select a book. Decide on what book you want to make a presentation. Collect information. Make a research about author’s biography, reviews and other books. Start designing the page layouts. Flipsnack offers a fantastic online editor. Add interactive elements. Integrate video, captions, hyperlinks and other interactive elements in your design. Download or publish it online. […]

From Romeo and Juliet to Aslan the Lion, it’s no secret that some of our favourite characters from classic literature had their fair share of problems. But could modern-day technology go any way towards helping them out of their sticky situations? How differently might our cherished fictional tales have turned out if smartphones had played […]

Research study literature

Whether you’re a fan of classic American literature like Of Mice and Men or prefer J.K. Rowling’s modern tales of wizardry and witchcraft, everyone likes to curl up with a good novel every now and then. With review sites gaining popularity in the internet age, where personal recommendations are just as important as expert reviews, it’s […]

kindle e-readers

They say that the age of the book is dead. Over 5,000 years of carving in stone, clay tablets, and paper has given way to ones and zeros stored in the digital memory of an E-reader. A student today in college can have over 5,000 books, which is the equivalent of 5 to 10 bachelor’s degrees […]