making a zine cover

The entire process of making a zine from scratch is no rocket science, trust me! With the proper toolkit and a cool, professional zine template you can design something extraordinary in just a few minutes. What a better opportunity to create the food zine of your dreams? Read more about this topic.

8 uplifting books that everyone can enjoy

Uplifting books are a big trend right now. And like any big trend, it also has a name: Up Lit. Many of us love to sit back and read as a way of unwinding. It allows us to escape into other worlds and to get familiar with the motivations and conflicts that face the characters. Here is our list of 8 uplifting books to make you feel warm inside. Enjoy them!


It’s no rocket science to make a digital magazine that supports video content these days. It’s so sad that 73% of marketers don’t use video content marketing as they’d like because of constraints like time and budget. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this. Keep in mind our tips and tricks and start designing a stunning multimedia magazine online like a pro.

Gift catalog

Putting together holiday gift catalogs involves a lot more than simply rounding up all the products that you have to offer, even with all the tools and technology you have. To figure out how to create a unique holiday gift guide for your blog, and to handle the holiday season like a boss, check out our list of seven things you need to do to create an amazing holiday catalog gift guide!

design mistakes magazine covers

Magazine cover design is a good example of a job where some rules are there for a reason. We have witnessed many magazine cover design mistakes in the past because of people that just felt rebellious. The results were not pretty. Keep on reading to discover some of the most commonly made magazine cover design mistakes.

convert PDF to HTML5

PDF revolutionized the way we share documents, view, and read information stored electronically, online, and offline. This article will shed some light on the reasons you should convert some of your files, how to do it, and why HTML5 flipbooks are a wise choice.

page turning PDF

Until the personal computer era, all documents were printed and stored in folders on bookshelves. Now, the documents are digitized as HTML5 flipbooks and the digital storing space has known great innovations as well. Everything that used to take up a room’s space can now be saved on a small partition of a hard drive […]

Narnia Books

Whether you are conducting a digital content marketing campaign, you are a teacher, a student, or in need of some business reports and presentations, you need a tool that makes your materials look nice and professional. For this, you need two things: A creation and design software and a virtual bookshelf. With Flipsnack, you can have them both. Let’s see how!

PDF to flipbook

Until the age of computers, the publishing domain was reserved exclusively to print shops. Now, magazines are designed in house and only the printing job is externalized. Editors and designers work together and use publishing software for creating the layout, the covers, and the graphics of a magazine, a newspaper, and so on. This article explains the need for a digital publishing platform nowadays. Discover more!