digital shelf

We use shelves to store stuff and to display decorative accessories in our homes. The digital version of the shelf is not much different. It’s basically a mini library that looks nice and lets you display multiple flipbooks in a single widget. You and your readers get quick access to whatever it holds. Some of […]

email newsletters

You asked for it, so we made it possible: now you can send beautiful emails that feature a flipbook snippet. This is very exciting! It’s a marvelous way to send email newsletters that look professional, but require zero talent and zero effort from you. Give it a try and you will love it.   Let’s talk about […]


We’re happy to tell you about a new feature that will improve your Flipsnack experience. Until today, there wasn’t any great way to organize flipbooks in your account, but now you will be able to create folders to manage your collections. Good news, right? This is particularly useful for our users who have many flipbooks […]

My flipbooks Flipsnack

We’re so excited about the new look of “My collections”! Have you seen it yet? Just log in to your account and you’ll see the redesigned page. We started the design process with your needs in mind and we’ve focused on making the page more user friendly. This is why the interface is not just prettier, it’s also […]

HTML5 magazines

We’ve been working on the HTML5 for a very long time now, so we are thrilled to announce the official release! The new widgets are fully functional, packed with all the powerful and engaging features that you love. There are some features that are not 100% ready, but they will be in the coming weeks. […]

new functionalities

Starting today, you can use Undo-Redo commands in the content editor. You made a mistake and want to go back one move? No problem! The Undo button is there for you. You can test things around more freely when you know you can reverse your latest actions. We are sure that these two new functions […]

flipsnack categories

We know that when you grow, we grow together with you, so we think about you all the time. That is why we rolled out Flipsnack categories – we want what is best for your publications and we think this will help. Why should I set a category?  By using categories, your flipbooks will get more […]

book library

We’re super excited about our participation at Frankfurt book fair, the world’s largest trade fair for books. The event is next week October 14-18 and we’d love to meet you guys if you happen to be there as well! There will be a presentation about Flipsnack on Oct 14, 11:00-11:30 in hall 6.2, at the […]

image masks

You know that we love working on Flipsnack. We love making it grow and adapting it to your needs. So today we’re announcing the release of two features that have been requested by you, dear users, for quite some time. Clipping masks – This new feature will allow you to display your photos and images […]

Flipsnack API

Not long ago we’ve released a redesigned content editor and we’ve promised you that there are bigger and better things to come. Guess what? We’ve kept our word and today we’re introducing you to the awesome, brand new, Flipsnack API. What is the Flipsnack API? Flipsnack API is a set of functions on top of […]

flipsnack editor

Post your feedback regarding our redesigned content editor on Twitter or Instagram, and you will get a 1 month premium subscription on your account, if you follow these rules: For Twitter: Your tweet must include the following: #FlipsnackNewEditor your account ID, so we will know what account to reward. To find your account ID, hover over your […]


We’re excited to announce that Flipsnack rocks a new content editor. YAY! All the features you love are still there, but we have designed a new sleek look that will make it easier for you to add interactive elements in your flipbook. Here are some new things you will find in the updated content editor: […]

Follow us on Instagram

Flipsnack is on Instagram and you can find us as @flipsnack. We’d love to connect with you! This is a chance to get to know us better – we’ll be posting photos of our team, office, favorite publications, events we attend, graphic design ideas for your flipbooks and more. Only cool stuff, we promise. Make sure […]

Tags are a really powerful marketing tool and we are so excited to release this new feature today! It can really make a difference in your publications and in your marketing strategy. There are so many ways to use them! They look like little blinking dots that are very eye-catching. They can be set to […]

digital brochure flipsnack

Some of you are wondering about the views and impressions and why the number has changed all of a sudden. After we released the new advanced stats, we continued to display the old views numbers on your profile and on the browse page (for about a month). That means that on our website we had […]