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Everything that once used to be print-only has now an online version. Why? Because it’s convenient and you have many more options as a publisher. You can add music, videos, links – things that wouldn’t be possible in print. Did you know you can even add forms in digital magazines? Just use Flipsnack

Why use forms in digital magazines:

  • set page limitation

You can decide to give all readers a preview of the magazine and ask them through the form to give you some information or feedback in exchange for the rest of the pages.

  • gather data from readers

You can ask for name, age, country or whatever info you may find useful to know about your readers. You’ll be able to download all this info as a CSV file and use it for statistics about users.

  • increase your subscriber list

Use the form to collect email addresses from your readers. Download them as a CSV file and use it build an email list. You’ll be able to send newsletters and emails about new issues or brochures that will help you get a constantly growing number of views

  • make an impossible-to-ignore ad

People have developed banner blindness, a reaction to ignore banner ads. If you have something important to communicate to your readers, like a promotion or something similar, you can use the form widget as a text ad, that nobody can ignore. You’ll just have to change the text in the header, remove fields and change the text on the button to “next” or something similar.

Go to Flipsnack and add forms in your magazines for a better interaction with your audience!

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