how to use Flipsnack as a content creation tool

When it comes to content creation tools, there is a lot to cover. Marketers are usually on the hunt for different tools to help them with their marketing strategy, content creation, corporate communication, and so on. Publishers might be looking to expand their audience. From a blog to a magazine or a podcast, or simply shifting from print to digital and looking for tools to help with that transition.

Somehow, Flipsnack represents a content creation tool that is at the intersection of many industries. In this article, we are looking at ways in which Flipsnack is the perfect solution for both marketers and publishers. 

Flipsnack: efficient content marketing tool

The modern-day marketer is complex and exigent. Always wondering: what tools should I use next?
As a marketer, I bet you ended up doing all sorts of research online to come up with the best solution for your multiple needs. Something that won’t make your manager say: It’s too expensive!
While Flipsnack is no “one size fits all” kind of product, it could easily become your next favorite content marketing tool. But let me get into more details:


It’s a well-known practice that ebooks are a great way to gain leads when it comes to content marketing practices. The ebook format is just perfect for creating a valuable piece of content that you put so much effort into.
Marketers love to use white papers and ebooks for lead generation, but this practice was used so much that some of these professionals lost the essence of it, which is, to come up with scientifically researched data. But if you feel like you have leadership expertise on a topic that fits your brand or you want to do a roundup with professionals talking about a trending topic, make sure to have this one aspect in mind: make it valuable! This way users will definitely want to read it, therefore give you their email addresses to do so. 

But, if you want to learn more about creating this kind of content, here’s a beginner’s guide to marketing ebooks

Keep in mind, though. Flipsnack can be the perfect content creation tool for you to make your own ebook from scratch or upload the PDF and make it more interactive. Oh, the possibilities! For example, you can easily share a preview of your ebook, by selecting only a few pages and give readers a taste of what they are going to get after submitting their email address via a lead form. And did I mention you can easily add links and videos to make it more interactive? Or, the fact that you don’t need any technical skills to easily embed it on your website?

Let’s imagine this for a second: You recently started a podcast that got successful, you must have a few tips and tricks that your audience will pay money for. Creating an ebook about it will help you build a community of people who are passionate about podcasting, just like you. So, why not use this ebook template below and share your wisdom! 

How to use Flipsnack as a content creation tool for ebooks
Make your own ebook cover

Brand books 

The bible of any brand, the brand book represents a very strict set of distinct guidelines. All in order to make sure brand identity is kept across all aspects of the business. But I’m sure everyone here knows what I am talking about. If not, rest assured, here’s how to create a brand book from a to brand. 

In this article, I want to cover more about how you can use Flipsnack as your go-to content creation tool for brand books.

Let’s say you have a brand book that needs revamping, or you simply want to share it securely within your team. You can simply upload your PDF or make it from scratch. Here’s a little help from us: a modern corporate style guide template. Good news about it: you can fully customize it to fit your brand.

Flipsnack as a content creation tool for brand books
Edit this brand book template


E-mail is one of the most common ways to share important information. Whether we talk about colleagues, clients, or prospects, e-mail is the way to do it. And if you take advantage of it, great results will come out of it. But let me explain a bit further. Besides the newsletter format we’re all used to, the classical email newsletter, many companies found that if needed to share a lot of information at once, the standard emailed newsletter is not the perfect medium. But a newsletter that is something like a newspaper or magazine, can be more entertaining and visually appealing. 

Internal Newsletters

More of a branding tool, creating aesthetically pleasing internal newsletters can easily facilitate better internal communication within the organization. This is why many HR professionals take this aspect very seriously. Creating a monthly internal newsletter is now easier than ever for everyone involved in the internal comm process. From HR professionals to PR or graphic designers. But not only. You can use Flipsnack as a content creation tool for educational newsletters. A very good example that you can start from is this newspaper magazine template and you have the chance to make it the coolest internal newsletter. You can think about it as an internal newspaper. Maybe the one thing you should always have in mind is to be informative but also entertaining. After all, you want your employees to be waiting for this newsletter impatiently, every month. Personalize it to fit your company’s branding. Take this chance to introduce new employees, office policies, share interesting facts, new clients and everything you feel is needed to engage with your readers. 

Using flipsnack to create internal newsletters
Edit this newspaper template

Marketing presentations

Raise your hand if you’ve never been stressed out because you had to design an impactful marketing presentation? I never met a marketer who hasn’t been the victim of this. But you see, in case you didn’t know, this awesome content creation tool which is (cough cough) Flipsnack, will take the stress out of designing your next marketing presentation. Let’s take things to the next level a bit. 

Here are a few crucial tips to help you create a killer marketing presentation: 

  • Make it about your audience! Start with this as the most important thing. 
  • Show numbers quickly. But make it visually appealing
  • Tell a story. Maybe something fun and engaging. 

All in all, the best advice we could ever give you is that even though your presentation will be packed with numbers, don’t stress. Take this professional marketing presentation template and get creative. Add graphs, charts and statistics, but make it colorful. Of course, within your brand’s guidelines.


As a marketer, I bet you had to come up with flyer design ideas for your clients. Not once. 

What sounds like an easy task, may be a lot more complicated than most people think. But you see, flyers, one of the oldest marketing tactics, are definitely here to stay. The good news is, Flipsnack can also help you with that. An all in one content creation tool that can serve multiple design purposes. Wanna design a flyer? Here’s a modern Black Friday flyer template that could definitely be customized to fit any sale you got coming up. 


Now, can we even mention flyers and not talk about brochures?!

Just like flyers, this format transitioned from print format to online just fine. And if you were ever in the process of creating your own brochure design, the first rule of thumb is: make it visually appealing in order to catch the attention of potential customers. The good news is: Flipsnack can easily be used as a  design tool for brochures and is home for a multitude of brochure templates you can start from. Like this flash sale brochure template that is perfect fit for any clothing brand doing sales. 

content creation tool for brochures
Customize this flash brochure template

Flipsnack for content creators  

Publishers are finding Flipsnack, as the perfect content creation tool to expand their audience.

If you like to express your ideas through a blog and gained success along the way, then you need to think about what the next step would be. 

For some, it could mean, starting a Youtube channel or a podcast featuring interviews with interesting people from different industries, while for others, starting a magazine could be a more creative outcome. 

Debbie Macomber – Welcome Home digital magazine 

Let’s take a look at Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author with over 200 million copies of her books in print worldwide. 

She started an online magazine called “Welcome Home” as a way to keep a more engaged relationship with her book readers. Through this online magazine that she is publishing on a monthly basis on Flipsnack, she has the editorial power to tell more stories related to the characters in her books before launching a new one. She is sharing some excerpts from new books, this way keeping her readers hooked for a longer period of time. 

In a way, you can say that starting an online magazine has the potential to expand your brand and help with sales of your products or services. 

Foundr Magazine 

An online magazine with over 250,000 subscribers that started small in 2013. Nathan Chan founded this project from passion and turned it into a multimedia giant over the course of 7 years. 

With a massive social media following, Foundr Magazine is today top of mind when it comes to magazines focused on entrepreneurship. Because of its high quality content and the fact that the magazine never stopped running since its inception, success came naturally. 
You can find some of the issues of Foundr Magazine on Flipsnack. And if you want to read more about the entire process of building an online magazine from scratch, you might want to read this interview featuring Nathan Chan and watch the video below. It will surely inspire you.

Content creation tool for online magazines

When it comes to content creation tools for publishers, Flipsnack is the perfect contender. Why? Not only you can create your own magazine from scratch and publish it on our platform, but you can also sell it. 

Now, if you don’t have any design skills, do not worry! You can even start with this magazine layout template and get creative with your content. When you are done, get ready to put it up for sale. Read more about selling single issues of your magazine or even put it up for subscription sale. 

content creation tool for online magazines
Edit this fashion magazine template.

But if you are just finishing writing your own book and want to publish it by yourself, here’s a book cover template you might find useful. And when your book is ready to see the light of day, keep in mind that you can follow the same process and put it up for sale successfully on Flipsnack.

Creating and distributing your content has never been easier

As mentioned before, there are a lot of possibilities when using Flipsnack as a content creation tool. Hopefully, this article helped you see more of how you can use this platform for the entire content creation and distribution process. 

Whether we talk about marketers who can use it for their day to day jobs, or people who aspire to start a magazine and make it just as popular as Foundr, Flipsnack can be your partner all throughout the entire operation.