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If you’re a marketer with aspiring and innovative ideas, then it’s a shame not to publish them in the form of an ebook. Ebooks represent great marketing tools nowadays and many marketers take advantage of them. Hubspot is known for writing and distributing marketing resources in ebook format. They have all sorts of guides, templates, and case studies ready to be downloaded after you’ve submitted your email. There’s no better way to collect leads from a valuable target audience. So, what is an ebook? Let’s talk about that, and how to create an ebook together, just as the professionals do. There’s no rocket science in the whole process. If others have succeeded, then what makes you think you couldn’t?

1. What is an ebook?

2. Types of ebooks. What can an ebook be about?

3. Ebook ideas

4. The benefits of ebooks for your content marketing strategy

5. PDF ebook

6. How to convert a PDF to ebook

7. Ebooks distribution

What is an ebook?

what is an ebook

I can bet everybody has heard about this term at least once, even if they’re not sure of its true meaning. Or maybe there are some people who have been living under a rock their whole life and have no idea what an ebook is. Just so we’re clear, an ebook (short for “electronic book”) is a book in digital format that can be read either on a computer or handheld device. Ebooks are usually packaged as PDF documents, so they can be easily transferred from one person to another. Easy to remember. So the next time somebody asks you “what is an ebook” I hope you’ll be able to say the correct answer right away!

Types of ebooks. What can an ebook be about?

types of ebooks

When it comes to defining what an ebook is and what it should include, we can give many answers. To be honest, you can write an ebook about everything. Well, anything that’s logical and reasonable, of course. Ebooks are a powerful tool that both authors and marketers use to deliver important and interesting information in a form their target audience wants to read.

Therefore, we could say that there are two main types of ebooks: the literature ebooks (horrors, thrillers, romances, dramas, sci-fis etc) and the marketing ebooks (topics about social media, SEO, email marketing, ads & inbound marketing, sales, blog posts etc). Regardless of the topic you want to approach, keep in mind that you need knowledge in the field you want to write. That’s why I, for example, won’t be able to write a literature ebook, even though I am an avid book reader and have read a lot of books in my life. But you see, I am working in marketing and being highly passionate about it, I’d be more skilled to share my knowledge through a marketing ebook about, let’s say, content marketing ideas.

If you’re in the same boat as me and you’re interested to discover some ebook marketing ideas that are popular and not so difficult to write, then I suggest you read the next paragraph. Even if you’re not decided to write a marketing ebook at this point, maybe you’ll change your mind in the future and this list will come in handy.

Ebook ideas

After we’ve answered “what is an ebook”, now it’s time to answer “what should we write in our ebook”? The answer is simple: write about what you think will be interesting to your target audience. An ebook could be a great marketing strategy and could increase your brand awareness, so pay attention when choosing and explaining your topic. Turn your potential customers into leads with a valuable and informative ebook. 

Here are a few ebook ideas that I personally consider entertaining and suitable for a marketing ebook:

How-to guides

how to guides

These types of ebooks are the most wanted and helpful ones because people want to learn tips & tricks as fast and as easy as possible. And when it comes to marketing, everybody knows that this topic covers a lot of subjects. You can read about how to reach & engage your audience on social media, how to run inbound marketing campaigns, how to become an influencer in your industry, how to conduct a technical SEO audit, how to increase email-click through rate and even how to create an ebook from scratch and the list could go on. Simply write your pieces of advice, tell people about your experience, gain their trust and give them reasons to reach out to you when they look for something professional.

Product Presentation

If you have a product that many businesses are using or should use it, then it’s a must to learn how to create an ebook where you clearly explain how to work with your product. Customers and potential customers need to know how to use your product correctly, so make sure to write all the necessary details. In the first part you should clarify how to take advantage of your product, and in the second part describe the product’s features and purposes.


What is an ebook without inserting some great topics within? Words without meaning. Interview successful people who work in the marketing field and write all their answers. It’s useful to have such a topic within your ebook, because these people give useful insights about being a marketer these days. Package all interviews into ebooks, making it easy for your customers to read and share them.

Case Studies

case studies
We did a case study two years ago to understand how big magazine publishers use Instagram. Read it here.

Everybody loves to read stories, especially if they’re about success and achievement. If you have friends or simply know people whose marketing businesses you’re proud to know, why not tell their story in your next ebook? Ebook case studies analyze in general a business from a to z: how it started, how it developed, what were the challenges that came in the way and how it became successful in the end. Write about the most fruitful business you know and describe in detail all these aspects I’ve mentioned above.

These types of ebooks are especially useful for promoting your personal brand or the brand you work for or when it comes to advertising an event.
I had recently downloaded an ebook that talks about content marketing in 2019 from a brand I admire. After having subscribed to their email list, I got an email two days later. It was a discount coupon to an event about content marketing. In a way, you can tell that writing ebooks and distributing them is a great content marketing tool to reach new and valuable audiences.

Common questions your customers ask

An important ebook topic could consist of your customer’s questions. Gather all the questions they have and answer to all of them precisely. It should look like a FAQ section. 

The benefits of ebooks for your content marketing strategy

A great and informative ebook is the best opportunity to generate leads and increase brand awareness among potential buyers. Did you know that 65% of today’s B2B businesses are using ebooks into their content marketing campaigns? This means that ebooks are indeed one of the most significant marketing tools. Let’s talk about the benefits of using ebooks in your content marketing strategy in detail.

Ebooks collect leads

hubspot ebook leads

Ebooks are unique marketing tools because they don’t look like any other marketing tools. If you understand the questions what is an ebook and how to create an ebook correctly, then it means you should also understand that ebooks are the most effective strategy for generating relevant leads.
An ebook is the perfect solution if you want to collect email addresses in order to contact people who may be interested in your products or services. You’re offering them something very valuable – the ebook- and you’re asking for their emails in return. Before they download the ebook, they will supply basic info such as their name and email address. They will also be asked for extra details such as the company they work for as well as the number of employees. Hubspot uses these leads to increase their outreach efforts. This way, they’re reaching out to a valuable target audience that they want to turn into customers. This sales strategy is now being adopted by many other brands. And for good reason. It works.

Ebooks increase brand awareness

Think about it. You have conducted a research or a survey on a certain topic. Then you decide to put all the information together into an ebook. Many people will want to download and read all about it. You get to target a certain audience that wouldn’t have otherwise heard about you and your brand. So, when thinking about your ebook design, make sure that your branding is on point. 

PDF ebook

pdf ebook

In the process of learning how to create an ebook, we should know that there is a standard marketing ebooks format to take into account. Yes, you were right, it’s a PDF file. The “PDF” extension stands for “Portable Document Format,” and it’s suitable for ebooks that are read on any device. What’s even greater about PDF format is that you can enhance it with visual and interactive elements such as images, annotations, layers and videos. But we’ll discuss more on this later.

How to create an ebook

If we’ve already discussed important topics such as what is an ebook, ebook ideas and ebook formats then it’s time to see how to create an ebook. There are many ways in which you can create an ebook, but I’ve only selected a few things that I consider essential. Let’s discover them together.

1. Choose a topic that suits your audience’s needs

Learning how to create an ebook must include doing research on the topic you want to write about. But even before doing that, keep in mind that the goal of your marketing ebook is to collect leads, so choose something that would be interesting for your target audience. It’s a great opportunity to deep dive into a subject that you’ve only mentioned briefly, but something your audience wants to learn more about.

2. Outline each chapter of your ebook

table of contents

Before you begin writing anything, I suggest you sketch an outline of your ebook by chapter, so you know what information to cover. Your readers need to know what to expect from each of your chapters, so it’s helpful to also write an introduction that will draw them in. Regardless of what you write and how you organize the content, make sure each chapter transitions smoothly and fluidly from one to the other. As you put the finishing touches to your ebook, your outline can also double as your table of contents.

You don’t necessarily have to create a long ebook, but a qualitative one. Write exactly how much is needed to explain the information clearly and concisely. If that requires five pages, then write five pages. If that requires 30 pages, so be it. But don’t just waste words thinking you need to write a long ebook. 

3. Design your ebook. Pick a catchy ebook cover template

free ebook cover template
Use this free ebook cover template to talk about your journey to becoming a successful businessman. Edit it to your own liking.

What is an ebook if you invested a lot of time and effort into writing the content but you don’t pay tremendous attention to design, as well? You surely don’t want your content to go unnoticed, so make sure your ebook design is spectacular. 

Start with an eye-catching ebook cover template. You want to grab the attention from the start, right? Don’t worry if you don’t have any design skills at all, Flipsnack is here to help you in this way. We have plenty of free ebook cover templates that are fully editable. Browse through our collection and select your favorite. If you change your mind later about the template, it’s easy to change it with another one. 

ebook template
Take advantage of this free ebook cover template and write your business or marketing story. Customize it as you wish.

Some people like to use the template as is and insert their content into the allocated sections. But you can also use the templates as inspiration and then create from scratch. With Flipsnack you have both of these possibilities. Design your cover exactly as you want. Our user-friendly editor allows you to change the fonts, colors, and to add your own text and images. The same goes for each page of your ebook. Design page by page until you have the final look. 

4. Pick a color palette and stick to it

color palette

Keep in mind that less is more when talking about ebook design visuals. Obviously, it would be great to use your brand colors as much as possible. But for contrast and emphasis, some secondary colors will be just perfect. Clueless when it comes to choosing the right colors? I have some helpful suggestions for you: use dark blue for headings and light blue for subheadings, dark green for graphical elements and black for the written content. Your ebook will look clean, simple and neat. As a final tip, make sure that these secondary colors you’re going to choose are consistent throughout the document. 

5. Use visual elements and graphics

What is an ebook without images and graphics? Trust me, they’re a must because they complement your content, so pay attention when choosing or designing them. Whether you add them during or after you’ve finished writing your ebook, they should all emphasize an important point you’ve referred to. The purpose of images in a marketing ebook is to enhance the reader’s understanding of the material you’re covering, not to make the ebook easy on the eyes. Remember that you’re not writing an ebook for children.

elements and graphics

Graphics are also crucial in a marketing ebook because they illustrate statistics and figures and they provide important contextual clues. They make the content more shareable as well.

6. Highlight quotes or other important things

quotes or important things

Boost your marketing ebook by highlighting quotes, stats or other important things within your design. But don’t highlight everything that comes your way, just the things that add value to your content and you want your readers not to miss. I don’t know much about design, but I can give you a hint when it comes to emphasizing a quote: keep all your content within the same margins. For instance, if your copy is one inch indented on your page from both the left and right side, keep your designed elements aligned using that same spacing. You’ll see how organized everything will look. 

7. Wrap things up with a conclusion and Call to Action

call to action ebook

Here we are, at the end of our topic about how to create an ebook. After you’ve done everything we’ve discussed, now it’s time to move to the final part: writing a conclusion and inserting appropriate Call to Actions. Wrap everything up with a nice conclusion, but don’t stop here. You want to push your readers to do something that will turn them into customers, right? Say no more. Take advantage of the magic of Call to Actions. A CTA (short form) is a link or visual object that pushes the readers to click and arrive on a landing page that should convert them into leads. As a tip, I suggest you shouldn’t insert more than two CTAs on a page because it would look too crowded.

8. Create a dedicated landing page for your ebook

But don’t stop here. Create a specific and attractive landing page for your ebook where people can download it after they fill out a leading form. Landing pages are the gateway to collect information. They’ll have to insert their names and their email addresses and you’ll be able to contact them in the future. This is how you’ll convert your visitors into customers and how you’ll also increase your sales. And this is every good marketer’s dream, right? 

design ebook flipsnack

How to convert a PDF to ebook

Thank you for sticking with me till the end. Now that we’ve learned what an ebook is and how to create an ebook, it’s time to move on and figure out what to do with it next. Here’s where Flipsnack comes in handy. A tool that is known for its PDF converting magic. We made it super easy and fast to host your Ebook online and distribute it to your target audience. How?

Useful tips & tricks

You worked super hard on creating a marketing ebook and now it’s time to put it out there in the world for everyone to read. Save your work as PDF or JPG and upload it on our publishing platform. The PDF to ebook conversion will take less than a minute. And what’s even cooler is that you can merge multiple PDF files into one. So, no need for any technical skills.
When you are done uploading your files, here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it. 

  • Customize your ebook by changing the background colors with your branded ones. 
  • Tick the enable PDF download so that your readers can also download it, with your approval. 
  • Add links to it if you feel the need to point readers to other landing pages where they can read more about certain subjects that you talk about in your marketing ebook. Or links to your social media channels.
  • Share a glimpse of your ebook to tease potential readers. With Flipsnack you can select a few pages as a preview and readers can unlock the rest of ebook just by submitting their email addresses via a lead form. This is how marketers collect leads as quickly and easily as possible.
upload pdf

When you are ready to customize your ebook, click publish and unlock a world of publishing options. Start with a catchy title and description that is SEO optimized. It will help get more traffic for your ebook. 

Go on to visibility possibilities. Here’s where you get to choose if you share it with everyone or with specific people only. For example, the list of people who had subscribed to your email newsletter. You simply import the CSV file directly here and share the marketing ebook only with your target audience.  

Ebooks distribution

Yes, creating content for your ebook is a hard task but it’s very rewarding to see people actually reading it. However, there are only a few small steps between publishing and distributing your marketing ebook. Here are a few ebook distribution ideas that could work for you:

  • Embed the ebook directly on your website or blog. After all, your target audience should be there already. 
  • Promote it on your social media channels or use partnerships with other social media channels to reach new audiences that might be interested in reading your content. 
ebook social media
  • The good old email. If you have a segment of people who you think might be interested in receiving such a piece of content, make yourself a favor and send them the ebook. However, if you don’t have a list of emails, here’s what you can do: when editing your flipbook, you can add a lead form to collect email addresses from people wanting to read your ebook. Easy and efficient!


Thank you for your patience and for standing by my side till the end. I know this article has been a long journey, but hopefully, it has also been useful and beneficial for you. There’s a lot of the information above, so take it all at your own pace.

At this point, you can figure out how important a good ebook can be in the marketing field. Additionally, I hope that the question of how to create an ebook isn’t such a mystery anymore, either. Remember that creating an ebook doesn’t have to be rocket science, as I mentioned before. All you need is good content, great ideas, practice and creativity. Don’t forget that Flipsnack is always at your disposal whenever you’re ready to create your next ebook.

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