Mother’s day is an important occasion that’s celebrated all over the world. People express their love, admiration, respect, and honor towards mothers and other motherly figures. And since this day is just around the corner, we should all think of the perfect gifts to shower our moms with. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, are all good ideas, but what we think our moms would also appreciate are Mother’s Day cards. But it’s not an easy job to write such a card. There’s always this particular problem: What do you say without getting in the cheesy zone? I mean, mothers are this kind of modern-day superheroes, aren’t they? And they sure deserve to be celebrated!

Shout out to all super moms out there. Being a mother is a rewarding life, but it’s also an exhausting one. It’s pretty much a job where you’re working 24/7 and only getting paid with smiles. Of course, this is the biggest reward of all, but let’s take a moment to express our love and gratitude to all moms out there.

When it comes to translating your feelings into words, we’ve got you covered. No need to stress anymore. This year, we want to celebrate all mothers by giving away free printable mother’s day cards. Whether it’s your mom, grandmother, wife, sister, or friend, all moms should be showered with kind words and sweet gestures on this special day. 

I hope you will enjoy our selection of Mother’s day cards and will come back for more freebies.

Happy Mother’s day! From all of us here at Flipsnack.

Modern Mother’s Day card template


Mothers are our all-time heroes and inspiration. They teach us what true love and sacrifice mean. They give their lives so we can have it all. On this special day, we think it’s time to give them all, as well. Open up your heart and let your mom see how much you appreciate her. Take this Mother’s day card template from Flipsnack and edit it exactly as you want. Or leave it like this. Just make sure to deliver it to your mom.

Mother’s Day gift guide template

This Mother’s Day Gift Guide Template works wonders for many retail businesses, especially if you plan to offer some special promotions for the upcoming holiday. It’s also a great opportunity to do a selection of your best-selling products and include them in this gift guide. 

If you flip through it a bit, you’ll notice the interactive elements such as shopping buttons, captions, videos, and more. It’s so engaging, right? Just imagine your audience flipping through it and being able to easily purchase their favorite products from your collection right from the gift guide. 

Try this template now and make sure to replace the images, texts, and colors with your own so that it represents your brand style. Include some interactive elements to make it stand out even more, and then simply share it on your social media platforms, send it as an email to your audience or even embed it on your website. It’s such a simple yet effective way of offering your clients the best shopping experience ever.  

Mother’s Day breakfast menu design

Do you have a restaurant and want to prepare a special breakfast menu for Mother’s Day? Then this template is perfect for you. It’s so feminine and sweet, just what you need for revealing your delicious meals for this wonderful occasion. 

Open this template, add your logo, replace the images with your own mouth-watering images, including the price, and a short description of each menu option you offer. You can take this template to the next level by adding some GIFs, videos, or photo slideshows to make it even more interesting. Try and convince yourself of the interactive element’s magical powers. 

When you’re done with the design process, download the QR code of this template and send it to your trusty print studio. Then place the QR code menu on your restaurant’s tables so ladies can easily scan it with their mobile phones and have access to it. It’s such an easy way to share your digital menu in a fast way.

Mothers Day Breakfast Menu Design made in Flipsnack

Mother’s Day brunch menu template

Pamper the mothers this holiday season with some super delish meals. This template is suitable for any kind of restaurant as it can easily be customized. If you’re not really into orange and yellow tones, then change the cover image with something that is more appropriate to your brand style. 

Don’t forget to add stunning images with your meals, so the ladies will know exactly what you have prepared for them on the special menu. A short description, the price, and the time you plan for the special offer should also be included on your menu.

To reach a wider audience, share your digital menu on your social media platform, so more ladies can find out about your special offer.

Mothers Day Brunch Menu Template made in Flipsnack

Mother’s Day brunch invitation template

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to gather all your girlfriends to a little brunch party. This feminine brunch invitation template is the right solution for crafting an impressive design for your lovely friends. 

Simply open this template in our Design Studio and start the design process. No worries, everything happens with an easy drag and drop, so no professional design skills are required. Edit the images, fonts, colors and give it your personal touch. Add the time and location where you host the event and, if you want to impress your friends and take things to higher levels, add a Google Map with your location. It’s a fun and easy way to help your friends find you faster.

You can also include other interactive elements to make it even more fun and entertaining. So get creative and prepare a stunning brunch invitation design for Mother’s Day.

Mothers Day Brunch Invitation Template made in Flipsnack

Mother’s Day lunch menu template

Plan a special lunch for Mother’s Day? Great, use this lunch template and easily tell ladies what is your special offer! It’s cute, girly, and just perfect for showcasing your delicious lunch meals. But if you find it too girl, then simply change the background colors, fonts, and design elements to make it more appropriate to your restaurant’s brand style.

You can also add interactive elements such as GIFs, price tags, or even videos. Play around in our Design Studio and change everything according to your own wish. Each template is fully customizable, so you can keep the elements you like or do some changes. Again, it’s up to you. 

Mothers Day Lunch Menu Template made in Flipsnack

Mother’s Day dinner menu template

If floral images are your language, then you’ll fall in love with this dinner menu template. Chic and feminine, it’s the perfect display for your Mother’s Day dinner menu. Open it in our Design Studio and customize this template with an image of your super delish dinner meal and let your audience be intrigued. 

To reach a wider audience, make sure to share your digital menu on your social media platforms or send an email to your audience and let them know the upcoming event you prepared for Mother’s Day.

mothers day dinner menu template

Mother’s Day restaurant menu design

This black and white restaurant menu is super cute for promoting your upcoming Mother’s Day special offers. Customize it with your own dishes description and if you have something on sale or a promo code, let your audience know that by adding it to the menu design. Simply replace the “50%” from this template with your own discount. 

And if you still have enough space, maybe even add an image with the food so ladies can already visualize and imagine what tasty meals they could eat at your restaurant.

Spice things up by downloading the QR code of your digital menu. Send it to print, and then place it somewhere visible in your restaurant. This way, ladies will be able to quickly scan the QR code with their mobile phones and have access to your menu.

mothers day restaurant menu template made in Flipsnack

Mother’s Day menu template

Next on our list is this Mother’s Day menu template. If you own a fine dining restaurant, then this template is the perfect solution for displaying your special meals for Mother’s Day. It’s feminine, yet classic so it works great for modern and classic restaurants. 

Open this template and change the fonts and texts with your own. After you’re satisfied with the overall design, share it on social media, embed it on your website, or even send it to print and then have it placed on your restaurant’s tables. 

Or you can download the QR code of it, send it to print, and place the code on tables. This way, you’ll give your clients instant access to your digital menu. Easy and fast, right? Give it a try now!

Mother’s Day Menu Template made in Flipsnack

The thank you for feeding me mother’s day card

feed me mother card

Here it is, one of the cutest and sweetest Mother’s day cards. Everybody would say that their mom is the best cook, right? And everybody is right. Each mom has a special way of cooking that reminds us how lucky and blessed we are to have them in our lives. This year, let’s thank them by offering them this Mother’s day “feeding” card. They will absolutely adore it. Download this card here.

The Super Mom card

supermom card

Our moms are undeniably supermoms! They are cleaning, cooking, washing dishes or clothes, making groceries, feeding us, taking care of us…in only one day. They are always there for us no matter what. We don’t know how they do it, but our moms definitely deserve our love, appreciation, and respect. Let’s show them how much we love them and appreciate all of their sacrifices by sending them this awesome Mother’s day card. Download it here.

The Best Mom in the world pie card

Pie chart card

There’s no doubt about it, mommas are the best. Every child would say that their mom is better than other moms, right? But in the end, we should appreciate all moms in this world because we would be nothing without them. Let’s do this with the help of this mouth-watering pie card. It looks so good that it really makes you want to cook a pie for your momma’s birthday! She’ll be so happy and proud. Download here.

The Here’s a flower for you, mom card

Flower card mothers day

Besides chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or other gifts, each mother deserves love, appreciation, respect, and gratitude. We should all be thankful for all of their sacrifices and the immeasurable love they have always shown us. They were there, in every moment of our lives, and we should at least try to express our thanks in the best possible ways. How about offering them this gorgeous Mother’s day card? The layout features lots of colorful flowers. And this expresses exactly what they do in our lives: bring it color. Download this card here.

Colorful Mother’s Day card

Happy mothers day

Mother’s day is approaching quickly and we should all know the importance of this holiday. Yes, we agree, our moms should be celebrated each day, but especially on their international birthday, we should show them our gratitude and love. But how exactly do we do this? It’s no easy job to find the perfect gift for our moms, right? They deserve everything, but we can’t buy them everything. The best thing we could do is to express our feelings by giving them this Mother’s day card. What are you waiting for? Download it here.

Peonies Mother’s Day card

Happy Mother day

Oh, mother! You’re our first love and the first word we all pronounce. You’re our sunshine, happiness, and the reason we want to get up in the morning. On this special day, we here at Flipsnack decided to help you surprise your mom with a special gift. Offer her this Mother’s day card that looks absolutely sweet and adorable. Write some words within your heart on it, hug her and tell her how much you love her. Download it here.

However, a nice Mother’s day card will have much more value if accompanied by the right gift! Check out many customizable gifts for Mother’s Day, the gift portal that allows you to print photos, images and dedications on many objects. Surprise your mother with a printed dedication and with a personalized gift of sure effect.

Vivid Mother’s day card

Mother's day card

A mother is the most precious and special gift God could offer us. They are always showering us with their immeasurable love, kindness, and tenderness. They have always sacrificed their lives so we can have everything in ours. On this special day, when everybody celebrates their mothers, it’s time we showed them how much we appreciate all of their efforts and the things they’ve done for us. Offer them this bright card with a kiss and hug. It would mean the world to them. Download it here.

Free editable Mother’s Day cards

Keep in mind that all these cards are downloadable and printable, but not editable. You take them exactly as they are. If you, however, want the possibility to customize online Mother’s day cards templates, choose one from the following.

Elegant Mother’s Day card template

elegant card template made in Flipsnack

It’s that time of the year again. Yes, you’re right, Mother’s day is just around the corner. Our mothers deserve the best because they are perfect. They always care for us, embrace us with love and kindness, encourage us when we feel desperate, but most of all loves us beyond all reasons. Let’s shower them a bit more this year with a perfect Mother’s day card. Feel free to edit it exactly as you wish: change the colors, fonts, add some shapes, and many more. Then download it, print this card, and offer it to your mom.

Floral photo Mother’s Day card template

floral card template made in Flipsnack

No amount of money in the world could ever buy the love of a mother. No treasure in the world could ever be more precious than the smile of a mother. This year, let’s cherish our mothers more by offering them a special Mother’s day card. This floral card looks both elegant and sweet. Exactly how your mom is. Make any changes you want or leave it like this. Our mothers deserve the best, and this Mother’s day card template is the best indeed.

Happy Mother’s Day card template

Happy Mother’s Day card template made in Flipsnack

Ready or not, Mother’s day will be here soon. If you were again lazy and forgetful and didn’t buy anything for your mom this year, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! This beautiful and simple Mother’s day card template is suitable for any mom. It features some gorgeous flowers right on the front cover all together with elegant font. This is what makes a perfect Mother’s day card if you ask me. Check it out, and add a personalized message with our easy-to-use editor within seconds. It’s really that easy.

Chic Mother’s Day card template

chic mothers day card template made in Flipsnack

Just as you already know, Mother’s Day is a special time of the year where moms around the world are celebrated. Of course, we should celebrate them the entire year, but this day is their international day. Feels good to have many birthdays around the year, right? Talking about gifts, here you have the perfect one for your mom: this chic Mother’s Day card template. With its simple pink and white design, it’s sure to impress. You can edit it within minutes with our simple drag & drop editor. 

Simple Mother’s Day card template

No matter what happens in our lives, our mothers will always be there for us. And we will always need them, regardless of how many years we have. Since you mean the world to her, why not get her something that means a lot, too? This simple and elegant Mother’s day card template may be the perfect answer. It features some beautiful flowers on the front, stylish calligraphy, and the ideal amount of white space to frame it all. Customize it with our amazing editor in just a few minutes.

Creative Mother’s Day card layout

mother's day card template

We can all admit it. We would be nothing without our moms. They give birth to us, raise us, take care of us, and keep us in their lives forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to thank them for everything with the help of this gorgeous, floral, and creative Mother’s day card template? You have total freedom to customize it exactly as you wish. Simply take this template to our editor, change it up a little bit, and you’re all set.

Free Mother’s Day brunch invitation template

brunch invitation template

Our mothers are our greatest treasures. That’s why we should cherish them forever and always treat them in a special way. How about surprising them with a delicious brunch made especially for them? Don’t worry about the invitations, we already have something in store for you. This free Mother’s day brunch invitation template looks both mouth-watering and clean. Personalize it in just a few minutes with our user-friendly interface. Print this invitation template and offer it to your mom.

Printable Happy Mother’s Day card

Printable Happy Mother’s Day Card

Oh, dear mothers, we are forever grateful for all your sacrifices and for your unconditional love. There are not enough words to express our gratitude and appreciation. All we can do is offer you this gorgeous, printable happy Mother’s day card. It features cute images, elegant fonts, and happy colors. Make it yours by playing with our drag & drop editor. Happy Mother’s day to every mom in the world!

Colorful floral Mother’s Day card design

colorful mothers day card design template

Flowers are just a symbol that expresses love, gratitude, and appreciation. They are perfect for every occasion, especially for Mother’s day celebrations. This year, shower your beautiful mom with this colorful floral Mother’s day card template that she will totally adore. It has everything you need and more. Edit this template to your liking in our editor, then download it and print it out, or keep it digital. You get to choose.


We really hope you’re going to enjoy all these beautiful Mother’s day cards as much as we do. Our moms deserve simply the best, and you surely agree with us that these templates look more than beautiful and professional. Choose the most suitable one for your mother and show her how much she means to you. If you couldn’t find anything special enough for your mom, don’t worry, we have more templates that are waiting for you. Browse through our entire Mother’s day templates collection! This world is a better place because of our moms. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms around the world!


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    Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women in our lives and show them just how much they mean to us. By choosing a thoughtful and meaningful gift, you can express your love and appreciation in a tangible way. Whether it’s something personalized, a pampering experience, or a heartfelt gesture, the most important thing is to show your mom how much she’s loved and cherished every day of the year.

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