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Given the current situation, it may be overly courageous to talk about travel, let alone travel brochure examples. But most likely, if you stumbled around here, you are also a wanderer. And although the internet’s deep seas are filled with memes instead of corals, traveling still remains a craving for your clients, friends, or anyone just wanting a change of scenery. 

However, harsh the situation, people are not trees. We like to walk, travel, not plant ourselves facing the sun. If you own a travel agency, for instance, there are still things for you to do. Going online, you are navigating through uncharted territory. Vast and full of possibilities, the online medium can feel like a promise. A promise that your business can and will endure, that it has the foundation as solid as a medieval castle’s!

travel castle

We talked in the past about some retail marketing strategies that can help you boost your sales and business online. Be sure to check that out and see precisely how.

We like to explore, expand our horizons, taste that cocktail on that beach, and climb that mountain and smile at the clouds. 

You want to show the world that there is still beauty out there waiting to be met. That’s why we have compiled a list of free travel brochure examples that can be that visual guide you’re looking for. Paired with our free online brochure maker, you are only a few steps away from realizing that striking product.

But, first things first.

What are brochures?

Think of brochures as microscopic representations of an idea. That’s right, of an idea! This isn’t some philosophical bending of traveling. This is the legitimate trial by fire of any successful brochure. 

When we think about travel brochure examples, or about any other type of digital brochure for that matter, what do we see? There is more to the whole picture than a couple of images. We might as well search Google Maps for that. A brochure is a representation of both the destination and the feeling you get when reaching it. We’ll talk more about this in the next section. 

Generally speaking, a brochure is a piece of paper document used for presenting or informing about something. They can hold various purposes, but generally speaking, their aim is precisely that. To inform about, or to present a product or a service. Sounds a bit stale? That’s because that’s only a fragment of the whole story. There are a myriad of other aspects you need to consider before launching your brochure at sea. But why bother with all of this?

make your travel brochure

Why are brochures important?

Brochures can serve as brief, guided tours towards a product or service. If we are to talk about travel brochures, they can prove to be handy tools for promoting and highlighting various regions, historical landmarks, city tours, etc. 

They are important because, through them, your client gets an indirect channel to you. Maybe you haven’t met your client yet, but nevertheless, you stirred he’s curiosity. He knows about your product or service and is now on the lookout. 

Brochures can inform people about propositions, proposals, solutions, advice, or, in your case, ideas. Everyone enjoying a well-made travel brochure enjoys the concept behind it. They like that mountainside not because of that magnificent rock withstanding the test of time, but because of the freedom that comes with it. The freedom of being at the peak of that mountain. 

mountainside travel

So, why are brochures important? They are important because they can produce emotion and are especially important because they provide an answer. But to achieve this, your brochure must go through some steps.

How to create your travel brochure

Before we jump to our travel brochure examples, there is one last thing worth considering. That is, how exactly do you create your brochure. What are the most important aspects to consider, and how do you combine these aspects to achieve maximum effectiveness with minimum effort? 

Three words:

infographic brochures
  1. Pictures
  2. Text 
  3. Colors

Oh, and the one to rule them all, templates. We’ll get to them a bit later. Like with every other aspect surrounding your business, brochures are part of your brand. And although brochure building isn’t as hard as brand building, it’s still important to keep the aspects mentioned above in mind. Let’s take a closer look at them.


picture example

Pictures are the bread and butter of any good brochure. All of the following travel brochure examples we will highlight will have this in common, great photos. 

Although somewhat intuitive, you would be surprised how many take this step for granted. Knowing that your audience wants to travel to certain places is not enough. Other agencies offer the same thing. You want to stand out and great photographs do precisely that. They make you stand out from the crowd.

make your travel brochure

Going cheap on photographs is not an option. There is no shortcut here. If your pictures look cheap, so will your entire brochure. Get creative with your photos, hire a photographer if you must. Whatever you do, just don’t overlook this aspect. Why sell a canoe when you could sell a boat? That’s the difference between an average photo and a great one. That’s what makes brochures great. People envision specific scenarios and it’s your job to bring those dream locations to life.


The other secret ingredient to an incredible brochure is text.

text example

This includes elements such as the Title, Descriptions, a call to action, and maybe some testimonials if you are feeling particularly confident. 

All written information is there to support the message behind your pictures. An eye-catching headline will further reinforce the idea that this place is, indeed, a must-see. 

Text can be your best friend, but he can also be a foe. Don’t overuse it! Strong emphasis on ‘don’t.’ The viewer is not looking at your brochure mainly to read, but to dream. You are not promoting a library. You are facilitating en escape. Always try to adapt your message. Let yourself be inspired by your own pictures. After all, you’re selling a story, so you might as well believe it.


color palette

Now let’s go beyond photographs and written text. Literally, beyond! What’s there left to talk about? 

For a design to be appealing, it must have cohesion. Colors are the glue that holds everything together. They may not be the most vocal element in terms of conscious volume. But unconsciously, they can be decisive. 

Colors have a psychological quality of enforcing moods and emotions. Blue works great if you want your location to inspire calmness and tranquility. Green can evoke the sentiment of growth, abundance, or even our bond with nature. 

Choose your color palette so that it matches your pictures and message. Summer holidays may benefit from more vibrant colors. Whereas winter sceneries will find their best friend in colder colors.

color example in a brochure

Right, now that we’ve taken a brief look at what goes behind the scenes of creating a travel brochure, let’s take a look at some examples.

Travel brochure examples

Below we compiled a list of travel brochure examples that we are confident will compliment your needs and business.

They are all professionally designed by our team of expert designers, so if you are looking for inspiration or ideas, have at it. Our free travel brochures are here to save the day! Feel free to edit them as you please, as they are fully customizable.

And in case you were wondering if you should print them or use them strictly online, from our experience, it’s best practice to fully take advantage of both strategies. Just make sure you enable the Download and Print buttons, and you are good to go.

Beach travel trifold brochure template

brochure example

Although summer is nearing its close, let’s start our list with a beautiful Deep Sea travel brochure.

You may already feel nostalgic after those warm, summer nights or afternoon swims into the ocean. As you can see, this travel brochure covers basically every aspect mentioned earlier in the article. 

The photos are carefully chosen to evoke the sea’s serenity, offering various landscapes for all types of enthusiasts. With an emphasis on blue and green, this brochure manages to infuse the viewer with calm and longing. And that’s precisely what it should do! Show its viewer that his dream location does exist and that he’s close enough to reach it. ‘Close’ is the keyword here. If you manage to turn dreams and closeness into desire, then your job is done. 

This isn’t some Inception-like strategy of planting an idea. Although it’s fairly similar. It’s just a basic strategy that works wonders. At the heart of every travel destination lies a need to change the scenery. Build upon that need! Change the text, add a catchy headline, and don’t forget to call your viewers to action. Their minds are already in that stunning location. Now let’s take care of their bodies.

City vacation stunning travel & tourism brochure template

city travel brochure example

For our city vacation travel brochure example, we chose to go with Firenze as the main actor in our presentation.

Not surprising, if you want to target cities as destinations, then Italy can prove to be a well of abundance.

city travel brochure example

A center for art and culture, Firenze is one of the world’s most significant wagons of civilization. Architecture, painting, sculpture, Firenze has it all. 

As you can see, this travel brochure has something of a more different design. With Flipsnack’s double-page feature, you get to expand your photos upon two pages. Significant effects can be achieved by utilizing this feature. Take The Duomo as an example. If your message benefits significantly from a broader exposure of your pictures, then hesitate no longer. Use the double page feature to tell the whole story.

rural side brochure example

Diving further into this travel brochure example, you’ll find something more. You’ll find a play between the urban opulence of fine art and taste and the rural area’s tranquil scenery. 

Once again, if your location allows you to tell the whole story, you should do it. You will have a final product appealing for more tourists, while also creating something more spectacular.

Informative travel brochure price list template

informative brochure example

As its name aptly suggests, an informative travel brochure has the purpose not so much to evoke emotion, but mainly to offer objective, quick information. 

This information can vary depending on location, but generally speaking, we’re talking about prices, discounts, services, packages, and so on.

informative text

This is not to say that pictures don’t still play an essential role. They do, and they always will. That’s a fact! When it comes to informative travel brochures, you want to make sure that your information is presented as crisp and straightforward as possible. 

As in the example above, you get a sense of the cost that some of those trips involve. You get to know some preliminary prices while also getting a clue about the premises’ services. We love this travel brochure example’s design, as it covers both the informative and aesthetic aspects. It tells a story, but not in so much detail. Start using it and you will see it’s an elegant option, suited for various destinations.

Alpine travel trifold brochure template

alpine travel brochure

We talked about the sea, now what about those stunning peaks that smile from above? Our alpine travel brochure example takes care of them too.

Unlike mountains, your brochure doesn’t need some massive, tectonic plate movement to form. Thank Flipsnack for that! Choosing one of our brochure templates, you only need a couple of minutes to spare, and your travel brochure is done. 

The mountainside is appealing not only to hikers but to average travel enthusiasts as well. Be sure to incorporate this option into your offering to not miss out on potential customers.

Exotic travel brochure template

Lemurs, flamingos, floating rocks and fantastic jungles, this category is for those who want a complete shift from their everyday lives.

exotic travel brochure

For our exotic travel brochure example, we’ve gone with New Zealand as an exciting option. We’re using the word interesting only out of modesty. New Zealand is great and it pretty much has it all.

Exotic landscapes? Checked.

exotic landscapes

Incredible wildlife just waiting to be snuggled? Checked.

exotic wildlife

We applaud New Zealand for its natural beauty as well as for incredible urban flair. And as you probably noticed, we pointed all of these significant aspects in our brochure’s design. So be sure to check it out.

Oh, and as a bonus feature:

hobbiton movie set

For all of the Lord of the Rings aficionados, New Zealand is where most of those movies were shot. That, right there, is a real Hobbit house. Yeah, I think New Zealand checks every ‘awesome’ box.

To sum things up

Brochures can have a magical effect upon the eyes especially if distributed as interactive flipbooks! Our above travel brochure examples are just some out of many free, ready-to-use templates that we provide. We also offer fashion brochures for all of you interested in couture beauty, real estate brochures, health and fitness, and many more!

They are far-reaching. We’ve devoted a lot of time and effort in carefully crafting our templates for you to spare as much time as possible, while also having a unique professional design at your fingertips.

make your travel brochure

All of us at Flipsnack hope that traveling will recover soon. Until then, we can only dream and envision what an ideal holiday would look like. Help us imagine using our designs and mixing them up with your own, unique travel ideas and locations. Our templates are ready. What do you say?


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