Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts

Choosing the right fonts for your menu design is as difficult as taking the most appealing food photos to include in your restaurant menu.
But, lucky for you, we have all the ingredients for a delicious menu design and 15 mouth-watering menu fonts that will delight all your customers and your inner foodie.

Whether we talk about a restaurant, a new coffee shop or a pub, no eatery can do well without an efficiently designed menu. But the most important aspect of any menu is the food. It says that we as humans eat primarily with our eyes before doing the actual tasting. I truly support this statement!

A dazzling menu design can definitely stimulate the appetite of your customers.

Menu design ideas

At the very base of your menu design should be food photography. Build your entire menu design around that. Even the fonts you choose for your design.

And remember, you should not think of your menu as just a list of dishes and prices. If designed properly, your menu can become a proper tool of advertising. After all, this is your first chance to make a good, long lasting first impression.

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Here are 10 mouth-watering fonts you can incorporate in your menu design:

  1. Playfair Display
  2. Special Elite
  3. Amatic SC
  4. Cantarell
  5. Lobster
  6. Playlist Script
  7. Libre Baskerville
  8. Schoolville
  9. Lilita One
  10. Vast Shadow 

  1. Playfair Display

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - playfair display

Like cheese and wine, this menu font is the perfect pairing for a wine menu design. Playfair Display is a transitional, serif typeface that is best suitable for titling and headlines.

This font is the perfect choice for a winery or a restaurant wine menu giving the menu design a certain elegance.

Stylistically, Playfair can go well with many sans serif fonts when used for body text. Some of the fonts that would pair well with Playfair Display are:

  • Georgia
  • Roboto
  • Open Sans

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  1. Special Elite

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - special elite

Ideal for hip burger joints or even food trucks, this vintage menu font mimics the style of a classic typewriter. Just like burgers and fries are a match made in heaven, Special Elite is best friends with many sans serif fonts such as Roboto or Montserrat. Give your menu design a dash of modern flavor with this cool menu font.

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  1. Amatic SC

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - amatic

Chalkboard menus are all the rave right now. And a font like Amatic SC is the perfect font for a modern coffee shop that sells energy in a cup and freshly baked croissants, first thing in the morning. With a handwritten feel, this font carries a lot of personality and an edgy feel to it that can be used on its own, without pairing it with other fonts. Suitable for both headline as well as body text.

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  1. Cantarell

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - cantarell

A great modern sans serif menu font that would be the perfect choice for an urban brunch bistro. Cantarell has clear legibility and can be paired with more handwritten fonts such as Parisienne for some extra personality.

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  1. Lobster

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - lobster

Created in 2010, Lobster is a font both loved and hated by designers. But, if you’re in need of a bold, strong font for your menu design, I’d recommend it!

Lobster is the perfect menu font for any salad menu so you’d better season it with other sans serif fonts to make your menu design stand out. Here are just a few of some other fonts you can pair Lobster with:

  • Arimo
  • Georgia
  • Roboto

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  1. Playlist Script

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - playlist script

Another chalkboard font that could very well be a candidate for 2019’s most hip menu font for cool bakeries or cake shops. Playlist Script is a classical handwritten font with a modern twist to it. Perfect for a small neighborhood bakery, this font can give a certain sense of familiarity and homeness to any menu design.

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  1. Libre Baskerville

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - libre baskerville

Named after its creator, John Baskerville, this font is a timeless classic and sophisticated font. Baskerville is a menu font that makes for the perfect high-end dining experience. Or a sweet contender for a delicious desserts menu full of pavlova and cheesecakes.

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  1. Schoolbell

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - schoolbell

Putting together a menu design for the little ones can be a fun designing experience. And Schoolbell is the perfect handwritten menu font that will spark curiosity. For a kids menu, I’d recommend you to use Schoolbell with fun, playful illustrations of your food.

But you can also get creative and use Schoolbell for any salad or smoothie place. For a dash of extra finesse, you can pair this menu font with sans serif fonts such as Georgia or Calibri and make your dishes pop out.

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  1. Lilita One

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - lilita one

Lilita One is the kind of fat menu font that goes well for steak restaurants. Perfect for headlines goes well paired with mouth-watering images of beef steaks. Using Lilita One is a quick way of letting people know what kind of establishment they just got in.

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  1. Vast Shadow

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts  - vast shadow

The safe choice for this menu font is to use it for your coffee shop. But not just that, Vast Shadow is a font that empowers and will easily make your best selling dishes stand out. Can be easily used for a burger joint or a steak restaurant.

Being a strong, bold font, Vast Shadow pairs well with a thin typeface, you know like pancakes and maple syrup go well together.

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create your own menu

Your menu design should reflect your restaurant’s personality. So make sure your menu font choice is on point and makes your dishes pop out. To make things easier for you, we here at Flipsnack have many restaurant menu templates you can choose from.

Moreover, when it comes to font choice, you can go wild and upload your own fonts directly in our editor. And they will always be available for when you work on your designs. How cool is that?