marketing books for your summer reading list

Every day is the perfect day to cultivate yourself by reading good marketing books. Invest in yourself as much as you can because reading is the key to successful and creative marketing. See our list of 9 marketing books and start with the one that sounds more attractive to you!

how to design a book cover based on its genre

There are countless articles about book cover designs all over the internet that teach you how to create the perfect one for your freshly-baked book. But none of them teach you how to design your book cover in such a way that it matches your book’s genre.
Today’s article analyzes and helps you with how to design a book cover for different genres of literature; so make yourself comfortable and start exploring it!

8 uplifting books that everyone can enjoy

Uplifting books are a big trend right now. And like any big trend, it also has a name: Up Lit. Many of us love to sit back and read as a way of unwinding. It allows us to escape into other worlds and to get familiar with the motivations and conflicts that face the characters. Here is our list of 8 uplifting books to make you feel warm inside. Enjoy them!

creative ideas for a book club

This article gives you some book club ideas that can boost your next meetings. Be it the owner of a book club or a simple attendee; consider them and make the most of them in the future. You’ll see how enjoyable and accessible they are. Keep on reading, maybe you’ll find something interesting!

harry potter book covers all around the world

This article presents a selection of different Harry Potter book covers from all over Europe, the United States, and even countries from Asia. It’s amazing to discover how each of the book cover styles gives off such different feelings, even though they all feature the same plot. Have I made you curious? Then let’s take a visual ride into the magical realm of Harry Potter book covers! Enjoy!

how to write a children's book

It’s magical to have the calling to write children’s books, but you should know from the start that you’re going to enter a very competitive field. It’s a very long process, with lots of ups and downs. But don’t worry too much. This article is a simple step-by-step guide for how to write a children’s book. Continue reading to discover the amazing tips!

book cover series design

A book cover has always been a life-or-death choice. Especially when we’re talking about book cover series. It’s really not an easy job to design them, but it’s also not impossible. With the proper toolkit and some tips and tricks, you cand do it by yourself. Keep in reading for some amazing pieces of advice!

best books of 2019

It’s said that books play an important role in our lives. Couldn’t agree more. When we open a new book, it’s like we’re also opening a new world. And we, here at Flipsnack, have this tradition to recommend some book titles for the current year. This time we’ve chosen 15 best books of 2019. I promise you, they’re all very interesting and entertaining. Take your pick and start reading!

books vs. ebooks

I can say that books vs. ebooks is an overrated subject. Regardless of the format, what matters is the process of taking time for yourself te read. The best part of books and ebooks is the fact that everyone can choose freely whichever version they prefer. So, what do you think? War or coexistence? Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of books and ebooks!