7 years ago when I was still in high-school, I had a teacher whom never asked us to write anything down. Of course, his approach was blamed by a lot of other teachers, but his theory was that if you focus on anything else (writing) other than his explanations, you are losing precious time. So he would always send us the presentation at the end of each lesson.

Nowadays, this scenario is encountered more often, but there are still teachers who are reticent when it comes to the use of technology in education. Here are our top 50 reasons why you should consider adding flipbooks and other digital material in your teaching technique. Continue reading

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We’re organizing a contest for all teachers interested in learning and connecting. Here’s everything you need to know about the contest:


1. First prize: a registration* (worth $645) at the 7th Annual Emerging Technologies for Online Learning International Symposium – April 9-11, 2014 · Sheraton Dallas Hotel – Dallas, TX
The full conference fee includes access to keynote and plenary addresses, all presentations, all workshops, welcome reception, continental breakfasts, refreshment breaks, poster sessions, vendor showcase and exhibits. Continue reading


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Teaching is not what it used to be anymore, when my generation was still in school. All we needed back then were notebooks, pens and teachers. Things have changed radically since and the use of computers in school is the most natural thing now. But you know what? It is for the best, because the new technologies can help the teacher and the student. Continue reading

Elearning is no longer a new concept, and it’s probably one of the biggest blessings of technology! Think about it! To be able to access information wherever you are, attend university classes even if you’ve never even visited that particular campus, to share and get feedback with other teachers and students in online spaces. Not to mention how cost-effective it is.

Research also shows that e-learning could prove more effective than the classroom scene and increase retention of a subject. Continue reading

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If you’re not sure you understand what FlipSnack Edu is and how it can help you in the education process, then you should read this flipbook. It explains the advantages of using technology in education, what FlipSnack Edu is and how to use it, the concepts of “flipped classroom” and “e-learning”.

Read it yourself! Continue reading

Lots of hype lately about flipped classrooms in the online education community. So what is it, really? Exactly as the name suggests, the class is “turned upside down”  – what used to be done in the classroom is now done at home, and the “homework” is done in the classroom, with the benefit of the teacher’s assistance, and in other cases, along with other classmates. Fans of this system suggest that, due to the wide accessibility of information, the teacher no longer needs to focus on giving a lecture and could use the time with the students to help them apply what they already absorbed at home.

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A couple of weeks ago we’ve promised to tell you more about FlipSnack Edu. The great news is we can do more than that now – we can invite you to try it. Continue reading

UPDATE: FlipSnack Edu is live now and it’s packed with lots of cool features for teachers and students. Here’s a sneak peek of the surprise we’re preparing to launch soon, for teachers and students who use FlipSnack for education purposes: Stay connected, and you’ll see more soon!

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AASL award best websiteThe American Association of School librarians (AASL) has announced its 2013 list of best websites for teaching and learning. The list honors 25 internet websites and we are on this list, under the “digital storytelling” category. We’d like to thank the AASL for this recognition award.

The Best Websites for Teaching & Learning award is offered for qualities of innovation, creativity, active participation and collaboration, for sites which provide enhanced learning and curriculum development for school librarians and their teacher collaborators. Continue reading