5 cost-effective small business marketing ideas

No matter the size of your business, marketing can be a real challenge, especially on a budget. For small businesses, that challenge can be made even more difficult. That being said, there are lots of small business marketing ideas out there to help make this challenge a little easier. Let’s discover them together.


2018 is almost over and it’s time to start thinking about 2019 social media trends. While it’s difficult to predict the future, some things on social media won’t necessarily change. From the rise of chatbots to AR and vertical video, let’s see what’s still in fashion, what is out, and what to expect new when it comes to social media trends and predictions.

Instagram report 2017

On Jan 8th, 2017 we started a 3-month project that involved following 15 magazines on Instagram and monitoring their every post, including stories. We included 10 women’s magazines and 5 men’s magazines in our research (there are more women’s magazines than men’s on the market). Keep on reading to see what we discovered.

social media reporting tools

In this article, we’ll present you 12 social media tools that we tested. Some of these tools do a lot more than provide reports, so there’s a short presentation for each one, and some pros and cons, from my perspective. At the very bottom of the post, you have a comparison table that presents integrations, price, and free trial availability. See for yourself.

social media promotion

Social media can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you’re not an experienced marketer, so we wanted to help you out. We compiled a list of best practices for social media promotion, to teach you how to advertise your products and your flipbooks. Enjoy the list!

LinkedIn marketing influencers

LinkedIn Influencers are some of the most engaged, prolific, and influential professionals and experts from various fields. They are hand-picked by LinkedIn each year, based on their popularity and activity. They all have an “influencer” badge on their profiles. In this post, we’ve selected a few influencers: marketers, authors, and leaders who can help anyone eager to learn more about marketing.

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social media buttons

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G+ should be dear to anybody who has an online business. They can make your content go viral, reach new potential customers and help you sell more, and they don’t cost you anything, other than time. They are powerful marketing tools that shouldn’t be ignored. Magazines and social media Now imagine […]

Pinterest profile

Hi guys! Flipsnack is now on Pinterest and we’d love to connect with you. We love finding and sharing beautiful images and designs on the web and on Flipsnack, so naturally we’re crazy about Pinterest. For those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, it is a visual social media website which allows you […]