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Valentine’s day is right around the corner, in less than a week. Do you have something planned for the 14th Feb 2016? We’re getting ready and we wanted to do something special for you, something that will make Valentine’s special this year. Actually, we have more than one idea. We got 2:

1. Free Valentine’s day card template, printable

Valentines Day card

You can download this PSD card, change the photo with your own, save it and then print it. When the time comes, you can offer it as a gift to your love or to someone that you celebrate the day with, as the message on the card is not too cheesy. It’s just a really nice way to show your appreciation and admiration for a person that you love: husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, friend or family member.

Download the card here.

2. Digital Valentine’s day brochure 

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to make a collage of photos and texts that reflect the journey you had together, your favorite moments and what you like the most about your special someone.

So what we have in mind is a flipbook – an online brochure with images and texts you create page by page. You can start from blank pages and go crazy with your creativity or you can use our Valentine’s day templates to create something that looks impressive.

Start from a template. (If you don’t have a Flipsnack account, create one now, and then click on the link)

You can replace all texts with your own, change images with your own photos and you can create and add more pages to your brochure.

We guarantee that this will be a wonderful surprise for your valentine and a great way to celebrate your love for one another!

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