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Do you like photo albums? We certainly do! There’s something sweet and nostalgic about flipping through an old photo album with baby pictures or childhood memories. And what about photo books which contain both images and texts? Those are the best!

About digital photo books

Nowadays we do everything online. The world has changed, so most of our recent photos live in the cloud, on smartphones and computers. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make photo albums anymore! You can still make wonderful photo books and albums, to preserve your fondest memories. In a way, digital photo albums are even better, because you know you can edit them as much as you want, and create as many as you want!

Now let me introduce you to a wonderful tool called Flipsnack.

It’s the best! But you don’t just have to believe us. Here’s what you should do: gather some of your best pictures from a photo session, trip or event, and upload them on Flipsnack to turn them into an online photo book that looks stylish and elegant. It’s extremely easy!

Do you want to design a more complex photo book whit photo collages and even text descriptions? No worries, you can do that too! Go crazy with texts, quotes or even love letters, integrated in your albums. You just have to access our online design editor and start playing around. There are even a few templates on the left that you can play with and customize. It’s a lot of fun!

online photo album

When you’re done, publish it and share it on Facebook or Pinterest.

Why make a photo album with Flipsnack

Here at Flipsnack we believe in the power of digital flipbooks, because we think that they make your content shine. PDFs and JPGs look better as flipbooks, don’t you think?

Here are a few reasons why you should give it a try:

  • it’s super duper easy
  • it takes you only a few minutes to make
  • it looks very nice
  • can be easily shared
  • you can integrate it into any blog/ website by using the embed code
  • it can be used to make elegant portfolios
  • you can download your design as PDF, if you have a premium subscription, and take it to print!

Make your own online photo books with Flipsnack!

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