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Writing children’s books can be a very ambitious endeavor even for a seasoned writer or illustrator. I say this because when it comes to the little munchkins one should really know how to keep their attention. It’s not easy but with Flipsnack all of you who aspire to become the new J.K. Rowling or Dr. Seuss can do much more than that. You actually can self-publish your work and influence, in a good way I hope, how the next generations of digitally literate adults will think and feel about things. Before you embark on this artistic adventure and become a children’s ebook guru here’s what you should know.

Ebooks vs books

We live in a digital reality. A huge chunk of the global economy is already online and that’s the case for books as well. They’re called ebooks and they are not a novelty anymore and in contrast to printed books the cost to publish them amounts to almost nothing. Plus, anyone can do it without having to deal with the gatekeepers of the traditional publishing sphere which, in all fairness, takes a huge risk when they say YES to writers.

When it comes to children’s books the stakes are even higher because with adults all you need to figure out is, from a marketing perspective, the genre and the type of prose (fiction or nonfiction) you’d like to tackle. Kids don’t really know what they like on account of their lack of experience but they sure react to stimuli. That’s why now is the perfect time to be creative with your work. Flipsnack has all the tools you need to become a successful children’s ebook author. Now you can be the writer, the editor, the illustrator, and the publisher simultaneously. You don’t need permission to sell your content but you do need to…

Know your audience

Creating the right content for the right audience is paramount. Toddlers are too young to fully grasp the intricacies of complex plots and character arcs but preteenagers like a little challenge. Therefore your strategy for your next ebook should start with this simple question: Who am I writing/illustrating this for?

It’s true that a tome-like Harry Potter can make a lot of money but let’s face it, the level of patience and dedication one must commit to his/her craft in order to achieve something in that ballpark requires jedi skills. But I digress. The more interactive and colorful your children’s ebook is the more success you’ll reap from audiences between ages 1 and 3. For preschoolers I suggest to introduce them to fables and fairy tale magic, with well-developed illustrations of course. (If you want to find out more about illustrations and drawing check out this other article here.) Then we go to school and education with a dash of entertainment is the right recipe for kids between 5 and 9. As we reach the preteen stage we can finally dare to expose them to more elaborate ideas and principles. However, no matter the audience you choose to create for…

Educate and entertain simultaneously

If publishers are the gatekeepers of traditional publishing with ebooks you deal with another kind of gatekeepers. The parents. They are those who ultimately search and buy the type of work you’re about to create so better make sure you dazzle them first. Design content appropriate ebooks that develop the receptive minds of their offspring and they’ll love you for it. First through the purchase and then by telling other parents about you and your outstanding ouvre.

Interactive ebooks sell better

Your success as an ebook writer/illustrator starts in the early stages of your work’s development, therefore you should plan thoroughly how you will achieve it. The e-market’s been flooded now for years with what seems to be an ocean of content, mostly unpolished and raw. Yours should be innovative and it better exceed the expectations of your future fans. Differentiate yourself from the other authors right from the start by adding value to your ebook. With Flipsnack your ebook can even sing, talk, chirp, murmur or sneeze to the child by simply adding links to videos or mp4 files which will play when they press a button. I mean, sky’s the limit here. You can actually let your inner child guide you for a more accurate connection with the kids for whom you’re writing.

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Finally you’re at the last stage of this creative process. Most of the marketing has already been done because you carefully read this article and have at least a faint idea of what it means to write for a targeted audience. It’s time to sell and sell big. Flipsnack provides you with a very efficient Sell Publications service. It’s easy to use and you’re in total control of your content and pricing. That’s why I said in the beginning that you can literally develop multiple professional skills from writing, illustrating, editing and publishing. And let me tell you something else, children everywhere are expecting to enjoy your wonderful stories already. You have all the tools and talent to make it but if you need any assistance don’t hesitate to contact us.


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