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Here’s a collection of free fonts that will look good as headlines in your publications. Type is very important in design and using the right headline fonts in your project can have a huge impact.

This is why we recommend using an interesting, special headline font that will grab the attention of your readers. Obviously, you can use these cool fonts in more than just headlines, all depeding on the message you’re trying to send.


Typography font is a different realm of design all on its own. You can load up your publication with beautiful visuals, striking colors, and the best content you can ever imagine, but if the font is off, then the whole thing is off. Keep on reading this article to discover some gorgeous typography fonts that you can use for your publications!

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts

A dazzling menu design can definitely stimulate the appetite of your customers.
Choosing the right fonts for your menu design is as difficult as taking the most appealing food photos to include in your restaurant menu.
But, lucky for you, we have all the ingredients for a delicious menu design and 15 mouth-watering menu fonts that will delight all your customers and your inner foodie.

press kit

To give your press kit a quality typeface, avoid using boring standard fonts. Instead, go for the visually appealing ones offered by online editors, or even create your font. If you already have a brand font, you can leave it for titles and apply a well-matching font for the remaining text. Read on more to discover other insightful things about stunning press kits.

PPT presentation

Have you ever wondered how to make a presentation that doesn’t bore people?
Even if you aren’t a designer, knowing how to make a presentation is an incredibly useful skill.
Recently, I made a presentation that compiled loads of behavioral data, and it was no small task. But I managed, and I found some interesting things that I want to share.
So with that said, here are some important things to remember when learning how to make a presentation.

david carson type poster

The Grunge style was very popular in the 90’s. It appeared to be a messy and chaotic design, in the way the typography, backgrounds and textures were combined to form posters and magazines. David Carson inspired a new generation of young designers to express themselves and experiment with new techniques.
Here we highlighted some of the principles that Carson applied to his project. Read on to find out more.

typography in design

Because each font has its own unique characteristics and its own personality, choosing the right ones is probably one of the hardest things designers need to master.
So, what can you do to make sure that you choose and pair the right fonts? Read the guidelines below.