Tech tools for classroom
January 8, 2014

Tech tools for classroom

Teaching is not what it used to be anymore, when my generation was still in school. All we needed back then were notebooks, pens and teachers. Things have changed radically since and the use of computers in school is the most natural thing now. But you know what? It is for the best, because the new technologies can help the teacher and the student.

Take Flipsnack Edu for example. Teachers can use it to prepare the lesson in advance: make a PDF, upload it to Flipsnack, and then share it with the class. Just like that, the lesson is done and students can start learning. At school, students will have time to ask questions and do assignments: research, flipbook presentations, etc. When using the right tools, learning is fun, modern, and it doesn’t feel like a burden.

Tech tools for classrooms

Are you ready to flip your classroom and start using new class tools? That’s great! Here’s an extensive list of web tools, organized into categories:

Audio tools

Skype in the Classroom – A great tech tool for classrooms which includes video or audio chat for educators and students.

VoiceThread – Perfect for creating audio, interactive slideshows and presentations. It’s also a great tool for digital storytelling.

Bookmarking and curating tools

Pocket – Use this mobile app when you find something that you want to view later. Just save it in Pocket

Collaboration tools

Dropbox – A great way to share and collaborate on documents on a multiple devices

Google Drive – You can quickly invite others to view, download, and collaborate on all the files you want. Use all the apps in the Google Drive Suite, for advanced collaboration

Digital storytelling

Flipsnack – Everything you need to easily publish captivating online magazines, transforming your PDFs into online flipbooks.

Animoto – Create wonderful looking slideshow that includes video, images, music, and more

Storybird – A fantastic site to inspire students to read & write through the use of digital storytelling.


Piktochart – Create beautiful infographics easily for the classroom

Visme – A simple and intuitive infographic maker that will transform the way you communicate visually.

Presentation tools

Prezi – An excellent site for creating zooming slideshows and presentations.

Google Slides – With Google Slides, you can create, edit, collaborate, and present wherever you are. For free.

PresentationTube – A nice website for creating presentations out of PowerPoint slides

Word clouds

WordClouds – an online tech tool that can be used in your class for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide

WordItOut – another easy way for students to create custom word art


I’m sure you’ll find some educational gems in here, so check them out!

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