free july 2019 wallpaper calendars

It’s here! July is here. The sacred time to do nothing. And you know what that means? That our two brand new July wallpaper calendars are also here. When was the last time you did nothing but bask in the sun for more than a day? With your sunnies on, enjoying a good summer read […]

poster design history cover

Poster design art evolved massively throughout the last century. To inspire you a little further, we rounded up a collection of vintage posters, true works of art, some more famous than others. So, let’s find out more about the history of the poster design and maybe give you some creative ideas for your next design.

cookbook online

If you’re not necessarily the adventurous type in the kitchen but nonetheless still enjoy a good dinner cooking session, you surely gathered a few tried and tested recipes along the years. Maybe some of them are handed down from your mother or grandmother. Keep this tradition alive and save these beloved food memories in a free online cookbook.

cover photo best food magazines of 2019

What qualifies something as the best food magazine? Glossy pages and lust-worthy recipes! Who doesn’t love flipping through these types of magazines? I know I do!
But you see, food magazines in print are something of a rare thing in today’s hectic media climate.
Don’t worry, I made a quick list of the best food magazines out there that all gourmand food lovers should know and read. Your appetite is in safe hands!

fonts for editorial design

We know that searching for the best magazine fonts is a never-ending story. Scrolling through an endless list of fonts to find that perfect one is definitely a frustrating experience.
I’ve been there, you’ve probably been there, so I put together a list of magazine fonts that will come in handy for your next editorial design project. Thank me later!

best educational podcasts 2019

Educational podcasts are an amazing tool for learning on the go. We compiled a list of podcasts to listen to while on the tube or when hitting the gym. Why waste this precious time, when you can learn something new? Here are 15 educational podcasts for all curious minds. Worth a listen!

the art of art catalogs

Have you ever wondered what’s an art catalog? They have indeed a multitude of purposes. These publications can serve as a teaser to promote a certain exhibition. Or, for visitors, the exhibition catalog can be an informative book that gives more detailed information about the art inside. Interesting, right? Keep on reading to discover more insightful things about the art catalogs!

april 2019 wallpaper calendar

Who else is excited about Spring? April is here, so that means Spring has finally sprung and you know what that means! Two brand new free April wallpaper calendars. Now the winter is over, maybe the sun will help us all get more productive. Give your desk a refresh, since it’s also spring cleaning season. […]

Menu design ideas - 10 mouth-watering menu fonts

A dazzling menu design can definitely stimulate the appetite of your customers.
Choosing the right fonts for your menu design is as difficult as taking the most appealing food photos to include in your restaurant menu.
But, lucky for you, we have all the ingredients for a delicious menu design and 15 mouth-watering menu fonts that will delight all your customers and your inner foodie.