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If you want to transform simple PDF documents into interactive flipbooks, then Flipsnack is the solution for you.

The best thing about using Flipsnack is that it’s so versatile. You can use it to create so many different types of interactive flipbooks! This web tool (the best flipbook software on the market… actually) can help you create a quick and impressive digital presentation, portfolio, magazine or a shopping catalog.  Moreover you can easily share and embed the flipbook on any website or share it on social media.

How to create an interactive flipbook from PDF

You can create an interactive flipbook with Flipsnack in just a few easy steps:

  1. Select some PDF files from your PC and upload them. If you don’t have a Flipsnack account yet, be sure to make one.
  2. Next, you can customize your flipbook’s look and other settings: the background color, size, display and many other options. You can also check the editor to add various links, buttons, video widgets or forms in your magazine, to make it even more interactive. That extra layer of interactivity added by the embedded media will impress any person who will read or flip through the pages of your magazine.
    Interactive PDF
  3. The next step allows you to set a Title and Description before you publish your interactive flipbook.
  4. Publish and share it!

Interactive animated flipbooks are fun and readers love the way they look. You can easily turn any PDF document into an attractive ebook, magazine, ecommerce product catalog. There’s really no limit to how you can use Flipsnack. The beautiful thing about Flipsnack is that it will shine the best light on your written and visual content, making them look even better.

But that’s not all! Flipsnack also makes it easy for you to share your interactive publication on various platforms:  social media, websites, blogs, email and more. You can even embed the widget on a web page, so your audience will be able to interact with it straight from your site.

TIP: If you need help enriching your flipbook with interactive elements, you can always contact our very friendly support staff via live chat. They are happy to help!

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