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If you’re not sure you understand what Flipsnack Edu is and how it can help you in the education process, then you should read this blog post about flip teaching. It explains the advantages of using technology in education, what Flipsnack Edu is and how to use it, the concepts of “flipped classroom” and “e-learning”.

Why use technology in education?

The ultimate purpose of education is to prepare students to become successful members of society; therefore, technology needs to be used in any modern-day classroom if we want our students to be ready to function in a world dominated by it.

Let’s look at the advantages of flip teaching

Early exposure to technology prepares students for college and a future career. FlipSnack Edu and other apps can be a great way to teach digital literacy, which is essential in this day and age.
It provides greater access to information and resources from all over the globe, enabling students to become more independent in their learning process and develop the research and analysis skills they’ll need later in life.
Fosters connections between people despite the physical distance.
It’s a great motivational tool to engage students in learning, which is half the battle in teaching – since they already absorb information through technology in their day-to-day lives.
Technology and flip teaching can help kids learn basic skills. There is now an increasing number of apps you can use to teach through fun games.

What is Flipsnack Edu

Flipsnack started out by being a beautiful flipping book creator, and educators at all levels found it useful for teaching and learning activities. So, in order to help teachers even more, Flipsnack Edu was created, a version specifically meant for schools. Edu does not just create flipbooks, but also provides a private network for your class, where you can safely interact by exchanging assignments, reading materials and various projects. Nobody else but the teacher and student can see them unless you choose to make them public.

How does it work

It falls on the teacher to purchase or intermediate the purchasing of a Premium Class Licence on behalf of the school. This licence allows you to use FlipSnack Edu for 30 students, with the possibility to add more to the package.

The next step is to invite the students to join this virtual class. (The whole process is explained in details in the Class Licence Guide you can find on edu.flipsnack.com)

Once everybody is in, you can organize your students into groups according to various criteria, create a flipbook and share it with an individual, a group or the entire class. Your students can just hit “reply” and create a flipbook of their own to share with the teacher or the class.

In addition, there’s a growing “teachers library”, where you can find resources made public by other educators using FlipSnack Edu.

What can I use it for?

You can use it in a flipped classroom setting as well as incorporate it in a classic educational system to make learning more interesting.
Share curriculums, reading materials, give assignments that students will easily reply to, and catch their interest with various projects.

Also, be sure to send your feedback and suggestions to the creators, and who knows, maybe you will come to see your ideas implemented!

Visit Flipsnack Edu and then send us your feedback!

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