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Real estate brochures are often used as a way to present and advertise the best features of a property, along with other marketing ideas for realtors. These brochures can be used to highlight a single apartment, house, condo, commercial property, or you can promote multiple real estate buildings in a single pamphlet. Whatever you want, find that you can make it with Flipsnack.

Most realtors lack certain design skills, so you can usually tell whether a real estate brochure design was created by a realtor or a professional designer. It only takes a few seconds to figure that out. However, we can change that.

Even if you’re in the real estate business, learn that you can easily design your own real estate brochure. All you have to do is read this post, follow our tips, be inspired by some of the examples provided below and edit a ready-made realtor flyer template. This is how you can make a truly eye-catching real estate brochure design.

Let’s start with some free templates, because everyone loves them.

Free real estate flyer templates editable online

Image matters. A lot. So, designing your own real estate marketing materials will only make you look more professional. In other words, you can say, this is the first step towards stepping up your real estate game.
Might as well start with this free real estate flyer template that you can fully customize. Yes, you read that correctly.

free real estate flyer templates

Click the image for more real estate templates

Just click on the image, create an account, and edit this real estate design with our easy to use online brochure maker. Did we mention it’s totally free? Next step is to simply replace texts and images to promote the real estate properties that you wish.
Don’t forget about branding. Make sure to include a professional shot of yourself and/ or your colleagues, your logo, website, and other important distinctive elements to set you apart from the competition.

When you’re done, share it with potential clients directly through Flipsnack. Use it within your e-mail marketing communications or on social media. Embed it on your website or simply share the link. You see, creating a professional image for your real estate business has honestly never been easier.

Real estate agent brochure template

real estate agent personal brochure

Edit this real estate brochure in Flipsnack

If you’re struggling to find that real estate brochure template that can put your listings in the spotlight, look no more.
This template gives you plenty of space to upload your professional shots of the listings you’re trying to sell or rent.
A real estate brochure template that makes great use of white space is the perfect choice if you’re going for a more minimalist yet professional look for your design.

This brochure layout is also great for presenting your real estate business. Add your services, price list, reviews and details about the people there. As a real estate professional, you know how important image is. So, make sure you use all the tools you can find to present your business in the most professional and honest way.

Real estate newsletter template

Real estate newsletters are awesome marketing tools for any realtor out there. Because having a monthly newsletter is a great way to build a community around your real estate business and sell more, of course.
Use this real estate newsletter template from Flipsnack to share long-form content like blog posts, new listings, community updates, market statistics and so much more.
However, make sure to make it engaging and fun. Add stunning imagery and videos. All to make recipients want to click and land on your website for further engagement.

Real estate brochure content

1. Property details, features or inclusions

Property details, features or inclusions

It’s very important to give potential clients a full list of all the amenities and features of a property. The longer the list, the better.

Include all the little details that are usually expected in a property because a long list of amenities will make a house/ commercial space look more attractive. This list of features could possibly make a buyer pick up the phone to call you for a house viewing. It might also help a buyer or tenant decide between 2 or more properties, that’s how important these details can be. The decision to buy a house is not the result of a spur of the moment impulse, which is why people will carefully review all these details before they even go for a viewing.

Even better, if you can take some high quality videos of the properties you are selling, make sure to include that as well in your real estate brochure.
Yes, you can totally add interactive elements such as videos in your online brochure. All within Flipsnack.

2. Floor plan

2D Floor plan

real estate floor plan2D

or 3D Floor plan

floor plan 3D

The floor plan shows the layout of a property. The floor plans are an essential document in designing and marketing a real estate property. It’s an excellent way to present the size of each room and the relationship between different rooms and spaces.

Most people ask to see the floor plan before they purchase a space, even after a house viewing. You can make your job (and the client’s decision) much easier by asking for this document in advance and featuring it in the real estate brochure.

Or even better, how about you include a 3D virtual tour of the property? Real estate marketing at its best, I’m telling you!
Find out you can easily do just that within our Design Studio.

3. Professional photos

real estate photography

Photos and illustrations are a big deal in marketing, regardless of the industry. However, the real estate market is one of those domains in which photos are more valuable than usual. Images alone can be compelling enough to convince a potential client take a property into consideration for renting or buying. They account for very first impression a person will form in regards with a house/ apartment / commercial property.

Staging the house prior to the photo session is a great way to ensure that you will get high-quality photos that can be used in your real estate brochure and in other promotional materials, such as ads and so on.

4. Compelling (but short) descriptions

real estate brochure

These short real estate descriptions should highlight the most attractive features of a house or commercial property. The property details and floor plan speak to the analytical side of the brain, but the description should speak to the emotional side of the brain. It’s your chance to help a prospect get the feel for what makes a property unique, what it would feel like to live there. You already have a list of features, so the description should focus on benefits.
For example, 4 windows are a feature of a room. But natural lighting, brightness, reduced energy use and a sunny, visually stimulating environment are benefits.

5. Contact details for a real estate agent

The contact details are usually placed on the front, back or inside cover of your real estate brochure. They should be easily spotted by all the people who may be interested in asking questions, viewing properties and buying. Provide the name of a real estate agent, a phone number, an alternate phone number, an email address and a website URL.

(Optional) Videos

You can make your real estate brochure design more interactive and provide more details by including a video of the property. Video marketing is a growing trend in the real estate market. Take advantage of this trend to ensure competitive advantage.

This creative real estate home tour is just an example of how you can creatively use videos in real estate marketing. And honestly, you don’t need a big budget for that. A smartphone, some good storytelling, and good editing skills will do the trick. Try it out and include the video in your online real estate newsletter.

6. (Optional) Map

real estate brochure content

Provide the exact location of a house by placing a pin on a map.

Real estate brochure design ideas and samples

1. Use simple layouts

luxury real estate brochures

Simple, clean layouts are perfect for your real estate brochure design, because it makes it easy for a reader to scan the brochure content.

2. Make images big

real estate brochure ideas

Want your images to really stand out? Make use of double-page design and spread an image across 2 pages to highlight the beauty of the image and create a bigger impact.

3. Create photo collages


Shoot the same space from different angles and make a collage to help people envision the real look and feel of a space. It’s practical and it looks amazing.

4. Don’t be afraid of colors

real estate brochures

Take a look at this real estate agent personal brochure and notice the use of red and yellow. It makes the design more playful and fun.

5. Use as little text as needed

brochure design for real estate samples

Show more than you tell. But when you do need to tell important details about your listings, make sure your copy is top notch. Learn more about how you can use content marketing for your real estate business.

6. Organize your luxury real estate brochure design

real estate brochures pdf

Publish similar-looking collections on your Flipsnack profile. It will look more professional and organized. Then, share the link with potential clients. It’s like updating your real estate website but better. Because you don’t need any coding skills.

See how others are using real estate brochures 

Check out our interview with David Oey, a successful realtor from Toronto, Canada, who uses Flipsnack regularly to publish real estate brochures.

real estate David Oey

Now it’s your turn! Start making your own real estate brochure and share it on your site, social media page or in a newsletter.

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