Get ready for Christmas with Flipsnack

Running late on getting all the Christmas gifts ready for all your family? No worries! We’re here to help! We have a few creative, last-minute ideas of how to surprise your dear ones or help them get ready for this big holiday.

It’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas?

We all know the struggles of this time of the year. Without a doubt, the commercial side of this holiday has escalated quickly in the past years. People tend to forget about the true meaning of Christmas and focus more on the material aspect of it. Even though we must keep in mind all this, I bet it makes you happy to put a smile on your dear ones’ face.

What if we tell you that we came up with a few ideas that can help you get out of trouble. What if we tell you that you will skip the shopping lines and crowded stores, and moreover, you can forget about the traffic and mailing problems that come with it. After all, you want your gift to get there in time, right?

Merry Digital Photo Albums

Christmas digital photo album

Let’s face it! Christmas time is the time of year when we all dress up nicely in order to… stay at home. It’s all about family gatherings and quality time. Did you ever think about putting together a Christmas digital album book?

You can put together all kinds of pictures and personalize it. You can make a holiday-themed one or just a regular family photo album. You can also send this to all of your family or friends. The best thing about having a digital Christmas photo album is that you can always update it easily and you can add descriptions or other texts next to the pictures. This photo album is going to last forever. Sum up photos as you go. You only have to keep adding photos as the years go by.

How cool will it be to have an album for 40 something years, which, by the way, you will never get misplaced? We think it would be pretty cool.

Festive Carol Book

Ever since I was a little girl, I used to go caroling with my friends. Every year, we would gather at my house on the 24th of December and then make our way to all of our families’ houses. We would usually end our “series” of caroling at the break of dawn when our voices were slowly fading away as the night goes by. We always have the same playlist and yet, every single year we are facing the same classic problem. Nobody ever knows the lyrics.

You know that awkward moment when in the middle of the song, you all stop because nobody remembers the next line? That used to be us.

You heard it right! Used to, because one day it hit me, why don’t we make a Christmas carol book that we can use every year and share it with everybody?! Guess what? We did just that and now go caroling without worrying about lyrics. Of course, that doesn’t help with the little “tipsy pitch” problems encountered after a few mugs of mulled wine, but are not here to judge, right?

Jolly Holiday-Themed Digital Magazine

Christmas digital magazine inspiration

There’s nothing that puts me in a more cheerful holiday spirit than inspirational Christmas themed photos. Don’t we all like to flip the pages of seasonal digital magazines to take us one step closer to the holiday spirit?

Whether it’s about decorations, do it yourself projects, how to decorate your Christmas tree or just dessert recipes, we think that keeping them in a cool digital book will stand as a great gift.

Also, you can share this with your friends or relatives very easily. As we all know, recipes are a serious family heritage, so we suggest you make them justice. Update it as you go and personalize it. Make your ebook sharing yummy and festive. Spread the joy of this amazing holiday!

Bubbly Resolution Books

You know what they say, New Year, new you. Most of us like to enter the New Year with a clear mind and certain goals. And since

a goal not written down is just a wish

we suggest you get serious about your New Year’s resolution book. Make it your own and share it with whoever you want. Or pin it on your desktop, so you will always have an eye on your goals. It can be a gift to yourself, or you can create a template and share it with a friend.

Did you know that most people wish for the same things? Some of the most common resolutions include getting in shape, save money, spend more time with the family, learn something new, travel more or quit smoking. Ever thought of making a resolution book together with your best friend? Why not give it a try? Cheers to that!

Magic Letter to Santa

Digital Santa Claus letter

If you have a kid or work with some, you probably already thought about helping them write a digital letter to Santa Claus. Since kids these days spend a lot of time on all sorts of gadgets, writing a digital letter to Santa can be a very productive and creative way to spend their time.

Use different fonts, colors, and shapes in order to make it as unique as possible. If you are writing it together, this could be a great way to bond with them. Also, this letter will definitely not get lost in the mail, no matter the weather. So why take that chance?

Moreover, you can take the game one step forward and actually create a letter from Santa. I bet this would put a smile on their faces.

Now go ahead and start creating! Christmas is just around the corner. Spread the joy and make your loved ones smile!

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays!