How to make a flipbook – DOC to PDF to HTML5

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This article will help those of you which work with documents often. We’re suggesting a way to make your documents look even more elegant as flipbooks. Even though you can’t upload your .doc or .docx files straight to Flipsnack, there’s a workaround that will make it work. And it’s very easy.

Why make a flipbook?

Online flip books are both beautiful and useful. We like flipping through magazines to see photos and read stories. That’s why presenting information in a stylish online flip book is a brilliant idea.

Making a flipbook is easy with the right tools. You can turn anything into a flip book: a restaurant menu, a story, a stylish presentation for school or work, a business presentation, or something else.

How to make a flipbook from a .doc or .docx file:

Step 1 is obviously creating your .doc or .docx file.

All you need for that is a Google account, that will give you access to Google Docs. Alternatively you can use other document editing tools, such as Open Office or Microsoft Office to create a document which can be exported to other formats. Most people would think that designing .doc files is extremely hard to do because you don’t have many options. Can’t argue with that, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have any options at all. At the end of this post you will see a flipbook made from a PDF designed as a document in Microsoft Office.

Step 2. When you’re happy with the outcome, export as PDF.

Depending on the tool you used to create your document, this option might be called something else. In Google Docs look for this option in File -> Download as PDF.

Step 3. Upload PDF files on Flipsnack

If you don’t have a Flipsnack account yet, it’s time to register for one now. It’s free and Flipsnack is the quickest PDF to flipbook converter online! Next, upload your PDF file to convert it into a flipbook, then customize and publish your first flip book! Then you can share the link to your flip book with everyone!

Here’s an example of a flipbook I made from scratch in Microsoft Office. Then I just uploaded the PDF version of document on Flipsnack for an easier read.

Let’s read it together!

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