Why make a flipbook?

Online flip books are both beautiful and useful. We like flipping through magazines to see photos and read stories. That’s why presenting information in a stylish online flip book is a brilliant idea.

Making a flipbook is easy with the right tools. You can turn anything into a flip book: a restaurant menu, a story, a stylish presentation for school or work, a business presentation, or something else.

Here’s how to make a flip book for free, using FlipSnack:

1. Gather all the information and photos that you want for your flip book.
2. Organize all your information and photos in Google Docs. All you need is a Google account.
3. When you’re happy with the outcome, download as PDF.
4. Upload PDF files on FlipSnack, customize and publish your first flip book, and share the link to your flip book with everyone!

Here’s an example of a flipbook I didn’t make from scratch. I just uploaded the PDF version of The Little Prince for an easier read. It’s one of my favorite books.

Let’s read it together!

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