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Hey there! Did you know that you can post flip page magazines made by you on your Tumblr website? In this blog post I teach you how.

Make your flipbook with Flipsnack. It’s very easy to use and you can create beautiful digital page flip magazines using it.

Create a flipbook

You need to log in, and then start making it:

  1. Upload your files: you can add PDF, JPG and JPEG
  2. Customize: choose a template, background color and set other options
  3. Publish. Here you’ll have the option to copy the embed code. Click embed and then “Copy”, in the new window.

Publish it on Tumblr

Now, go to your Tumblr page and log in.

  1. Click “text”.
  2. Click HTML, and then paste the embed code of the presentation (I’ve changed the default width size to 500 in the embed code, because i wanted the flipbook to fit on my page)
  3. Publish

How easy was that?!

Now just enjoy flipping your beautiful Flipsnack publication!

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