Nonprofit marketing ideas seem to be very limited by budget. If you’re a nonprofit, I’m sure you’ve been in this boat before. But, still, let’s look at the bright side. Despite your limited budget, there are lots of free nonprofit marketing ideas out there to help you thrive in this environment. Read on more to discover great things.

8 impactful newspaper fonts for your next headline

We, here at Flipsnack truly believe that everyone can become a publisher. Whether you want to start a new magazine or a new school newspaper, we empower everyone to live their dream. And provide the free resources for that: newspaper font inspiration and free templates. Start designing today and share the final result with us.

editorial teams in the digital age

Whether it’s a magazine editorial team or a newspaper editorial team, both of them need improvement and organizational advice every once in a while. Especially since the high rise of technology changed so much the publishing industry. Hopefully, this article answers all your questions and gives you a boost to inspire your journalist’s voice.


For years, the word newsletter has instantly been associated with an email. After all, that’s mostly where all of us interact with newsletters, right? Creating a newsletter, in this case, seems pretty simple, but the honest truth is that there’s a little more to the recipe than just a few words written out in an email. Keep on reading to discover exactly what is and how to create a newsletter.

best mobile apps for publishers

No matter which publishing mobile app you’re going to use (although, we truly recommend the Flipsnack one), keep in mind that content is king. Even if the distribution is nearly as important, your content is what’s going to make readers come back for more. Continue reading this article to discover the best mobile magazine apps for publishers.

2018 predictions for digital publishing

When it comes to New Year, there are two types of people: the ones that get nostalgic and remember this past year, and the ones who set resolutions for the next year. But no matter if you’re in the first category or the second one, one thing is for sure. 2018 is almost here and we’d better be prepared for it. So let’s take a look at 4 predictions in digital publishing for this upcoming year.

PDF to flipbook

Until the age of computers, the publishing domain was reserved exclusively to print shops. Now, magazines are designed in house and only the printing job is externalized. Editors and designers work together and use publishing software for creating the layout, the covers, and the graphics of a magazine, a newspaper, and so on. This article explains the need for a digital publishing platform nowadays. Discover more!

publishing gone digital

Digital publishing allows for cascading innovations and ample opportunities for any agency. It has dramatically reinvented reader and customer interaction, outreach, engagement, and ease of sales. There has never been a more exciting and vigorous age for the publishing industry. Discover more important aspects of digital publishing!

Digital publishing checklist

We’ve created a digital publishing checklist that shows all the steps you need to take to create an online magazine or book. You need to consider all these aspects when you plan to start your first publication if you want to make it a success. A great publication is the result of a lot of […]