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With the marketing world-changing continually, you need to adapt constantly and be up to date with the latest trends, in order to improve your performance. Learn from the best in the industry and listen to them preach about the finest tactics and insights. Travel the world and attend premium conferences regarding content, design, SEO and more. Check out our top 10 most important marketing conferences in 2017.

1. HeroConf


Place: Los Angeles, USA

Date: April 18-20


Pack our bags as quickly as possible. You can still make it to the world’s largest PPC event! Listen to 60 of the nerdiest PPC experts and take notes! Moreover, you’ll get actionable takeaways from each session and get relevant insights from the most original workshops and presentations. Go behind the presentation decks and get inside the speakers’ minds.

Keynote speakers: Cedric Dupont – Google, Jason Dailey – Facebook, Purna Virji – Microsoft, Wil Reynolds – Seer Interactive, Brad Geddes – Adalysis, Alexandra Schieken – Delta Airlines, Pravin Thampi – Groupon, Maria Corcoran – Adobe, Amy Harrison – Write with Influence, and many other.

2. Content Marketing Summit


Place: Gurgaon, India

Date:  May 4-5


Transform your marketing team into brand builders. If you are in marketing, publishing or advertising, this is your chance. Get your A game with the best tools to upgrade the marketing department’s performance. Seek inside the thrilling world of content marketing and be aware of the latest, most effective trends.

Keynote speakers: Anamika Sirohi – Nestle, Arunabh Varma – BMW, D. Shivakumar – PepsiCo, Kanika Mittal – Reebok, Katrina Too – HubSpot, Virginia Sharma – Linkedin, Lauren Quaintance – Story(action), Manisha Rana – Koovs, Katrina Neal – content marketing specialist, and many other.

3. SEJ Summit


Place: Chicago, USA

Date: May 11th


For SEOs, by SEOs. This conference is all about link building, on-page SEO, and content strategy. The 10th edition will bring you data-driven topics, case studies and more, all hosted by the folks behind Search Engine Journal. A single day conference that will put you up to date with all the latest flows in SEO and optimization.

Keynote speakers: Ann Handley – MarketingProfs, Eric Kuan – Google, Purna Virji – Microsoft, Duane Forrester – Yext, Patrick Kajirian – ESPN, Rhea Drysdale – Outspoken Media, Jenny Halasz – JLH, Erin Robbins – GinzaMetrics, Dan Morrison – AimClear, Carolyn Shelby – tronc, and many other.

4. Unbounce


Place: Vancouver, Canada

Date: June 25-27


I’m pretty sure you already know about the famous Unbounce blog. This conference follows closely the guidelines of their blog, and will offer you the perfect occasion to pick up the most effective actionable tips and advice regarding the hottest topic in marketing. It’s like taking an overdose of the Unbounce blog, mixed with the best people in the business and a lot of fun, all wrapped up in the “Call to Action Conference.” It’s a must!

Keynote speakers: Rand Fishkin – Moz, Scott Stratten – UnMarketing, Oli Gardner – Unbounce, Wil Reynolds – Seer Interactive, Mitch Joel – Mirum, Allison Otting, Disruptive Advertising, April Dunford –, Lianna Patch – SNAP Copy, Tyler Farnsworth – August United, and many other.

5. MozCon


Place: Seattle, USA

Date: July 17-19


MozCon is taking conferences to another level. Three days of tips, tricks and goodies from inside of the industry, following one type of thinking: forward vision. MozCon will definitely include sessions for SEO, analytics, CRO, branding, social media, content writing and design. And what goes best with all these, than a few drinks? Exercise your socializing skills in their pub, the #Mozcrawl.

Keynote speakers: Britney Muller – Moz, Cindy Krum – MobileMoxie, Dawn Anderson – Move it Marketing, Ian Lurie – Portent, Joanna Lord – ClassPass, Justine Jordan – Litmus, Matthew Barby – HubSpot, Oli Gardner – Unbounce, Purna Virji – Microsoft, Rob Bucci – STAT Search Analytics, Wil Reynolds – Seer Interactive, and many other.

6. The Email Design Conference


Place: Boston, USA

Date: August 2-4


Improve your email marketing performance in Boston. Development breakout sessions about how to create emails with fresh designs, increased engagement and low bounce rate. Talk directly with the professionals about design, code, strategy, workflow, analytics and more. Moreover, if you can’t make it to this one, we double the trouble. Check out the Email Design Conference later in August, between the 29th and the 30th, in London.

Keynote speakers: Although most of the speakers have not been revealed yet, we can definitely confirm a few specialists from Litmus: Jason Rodrigues, Jaina Mistry, Chad White, Kevin Mandeville, Jay Brangiforte, and many other.

7. Inbound


Place: Boston, USA

Date: September 25-28


Hold your horses, cause Inbound is not quite around the corner. With more than 19,000 participants last year, Inbound is one of the biggest and most popular events in the industry. You definitely don’t want to miss that. Why go to Inbound? To find inspiration. The Inbound experience sums up thousands of marketing and sales pros together with inspirational speeches and lessons.

Keynote speakers: Even though most of the names are still not public, previous edition names like Gary Vaynerchuk, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Serena Williams, or Reshma Saujani intrigue us even more. So far, Inbound offers us Brit Marling – The OA, Issa Rae – Insecure, Mario Batali – Chef, Adam Grant – professor, and many other.

8. B2B Marketing Forum


Place: Boston, USA

Date: October 3-6


If you are doing B2B marketing, you’ve found your perfect fit. The greatest strategies shared with you by the innovators of the industry, to guide you along the way to success. Don’t believe me? Follow the #mpb2b on social media channels and check out previous editions and insights to one of the greatest business marketing tactics conferences.  

Keynote speakers: Ron Tite – the Tite Group, Alison Levine – team captain of the First American Women’s Everest Expedition and New York Times bestselling author, Derreck Kayonogo – business visionary, and many other.

9. Conversion Conference


Place: Berlin, Germany

Date: November 13-14


Let’s face it. At the end of the day, you, me and everybody else cares most about conversions. “If you have anything to do with online optimization, this is a must-attend event”, says B. Liu (Experian Consumer Direct). We agree! Learn all about conversion-focused copy, persuasion techniques and strategies for lead generation.

Keynote speakers: Julius van de Laar – Van de Laar Campaigning, Purna Virji – Microsoft, Craig Sullivan – Optimal Visit, and many more.

10. Digital Summit


Place: Dallas, USA

Date: December 5-6


Get quality time with the experts while discussing practical know-how and solutions for some of the biggest challenges online marketing encounters. Digital marketing specialist are eagerly waiting to respond to your most provoking questions. Get ready to attend the definitive digital gathering.

Keynote speakers: current speakers are not definite but some previous names will probably intrigue you: Ann Handley – MarketingProfs, Hassan Ali – the Onion, Brad Spychalski – Pinterest, Alisa Ben – Universal, Leo Sei – Google, Shannon Gross – Dallas Cowboys, and many more.

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