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One of our designers, Patricia has recently worked on a graphic design magazine. We are thrilled about the result and we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

The magazine is focused on 3 interesting topics:

  • Paul Rand, one of the greatest graphic designers of all time. You will learn a little bit about him, his ideas and his experience
  • Swiss design, the most influential graphic design style of the century. You’ll find out how it can be applied to your designs
  • The psychological effects of colors and how to use colors in your designs

The magazine is an easy read, it’s fun, and it features lots of images and graphic design works. If you need inspiration, you’ll find examples that will spark your creativity. If you’re not a designer but you need to work with a designer, go ahead and read it. Are you a marketer? – you can also benefit from it. Patricia’s design magazine also works for people who just like to know stuff and read interesting articles. It’s also 100% free. Just go ahead and read it!

The publication was created from scratch in Flipsnack in our “create” editor, which has made it possible for our designer to integrate videos, interactive captions and tags in the publication.

Drop us a line if you have suggestions for future articles!

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