videos for education

Studies have shown that videos improve the learning process, help students retain information more easily and rapidly understand complicated concepts. Do you really know what’s the best part about using videos for education? Have I made you curious? Good. Then let’s get this journey started!

create and sell teaching materials

This article presents more than just what teachers and teaching materials are. It covers a topic that could be interesting for anyone working in the education field. If you’ve wondered how to create and sell your own teaching materials but never really put it into practice, take a seat and pay attention because a long journey stands before us. Let’s dive in!

marketing ebooks

Ebooks represent great marketing tools nowadays and many marketers take advantage of them. Let’s talk about that, and how to create an ebook together, just as the professionals do. There’s no rocket science in the whole process. If others have succeeded, then what makes you think you couldn’t? Keep on reading if you’re interested in this topic.

how to design a book cover based on its genre

There are countless articles about book cover designs all over the internet that teach you how to create the perfect one for your freshly-baked book. But none of them teach you how to design your book cover in such a way that it matches your book’s genre.
Today’s article analyzes and helps you with how to design a book cover for different genres of literature; so make yourself comfortable and start exploring it!

best prospectus examples

A prospectus is a relevant piece of educational material. They are most often used for schools and universities, but they can also be used as a legal document for many companies. If you’re interested in knowing how to design a prospectus and what to insert within it, then keep on reading this article.

how to study cover image

How to study efficiently and properly with so many school subjects, projects, and assignments that also need to be done? We think this is a question every student should be interested in. Keep on reading this article if you want to find out some tips and tricks that help you study smart.

best educational podcasts 2019

Educational podcasts are an amazing tool for learning on the go. We compiled a list of podcasts to listen to while on the tube or when hitting the gym. Why waste this precious time, when you can learn something new? Here are 15 educational podcasts for all curious minds. Worth a listen!

yearbook ideas cover

High school yearbooks have always been a great opportunity to leave a heart-melting memory to your colleagues. But if you’re feeling not very talented at creating memorable photo albums, then you should check this article that gives you some useful yearbook ideas. See for yourself.

8 interesting school magazine topics

School magazines are a great source of information and entertainment, but also a great opportunity to get some work experience. What starts as a hobby might become a successful career as a journalist. This article is all about school magazine topics you can write about. Let’s have a look.