merge pdf files

Have you ever had the need to merge PDF files together? For some people, this is a massive need, but not always the easiest to accomplish. There are quite a few methods and tools for reducing the size of a PDF file, but what if you need to merge several files together? Luckily for all […]

book cover design cover photo

Following the hard work you put into writing your own book (what a struggle!), you’ll have to think about a proper title and book cover design to present it to the world in the best way possible. Whether you’re designing your book cover for a virtual bookshelf or a physical one, it should emphasize the soul of your work, in only one image.
Here’s Flipsnack’s ultimate guide to designing your own book cover.

school newspaper guide

School newspapers are a great way to inform and entertain high school and college communities, that’s why every school should create some. If you’re feeling clueless about this topic, don’t worry. We’ve created the ultimate guide that should help you design your school newspaper. Read more if you’re interested in this subject.

PDF to flipbook

Until the age of computers, the publishing domain was reserved exclusively to print shops. Now, magazines are designed in house and only the printing job is externalized. Editors and designers work together and use publishing software for creating the layout, the covers, and the graphics of a magazine, a newspaper, and so on. This article explains the need for a digital publishing platform nowadays. Discover more!


Electronic catalogs (or short e-catalogs) are digital publications that present products to help them sell. You’re probably looking for the right software for design tips to help you create the best e-catalog for your business. This article includes tips for design as well as other useful suggestions for making your digital catalog. Let’s start with the beginning.

brand guide

Brands are like humans: they evolve and change over time. This is why you need to revisit and update your brand book once a year. Make sure the rules reflect your current standards and guidelines. Keep on reading this article to discover how to create a brand book that stands out in the crowd!

InDesign covers and layouts

This is the 4th part of the series named “ How to design a catalog using InDesign”, and it is focused on how to create the front cover, layouts and the back cover. This approach is focused more on design principles. For more technical information check Part 2 – Adding elements   Cover The cover […]