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You asked for it, so we made it possible: now you can send beautiful emails that feature a flipbook snippet. This is very exciting!

It’s a marvelous way to send email newsletters that look professional, but require zero talent and zero effort from you. Give it a try and you will love it.

Let’s talk about how it works

Once you’ve finished the work within our easy to use online flipbook maker you can go ahead with the integration of your flipbook in your email.

From My collections, go to Sharing options -> Email

You will see the flipbook snippet, featuring a title, a description and your flipbook cover, exactly how it will look in your email newsletter. FYI, the background is actually transparent in your email.

The texts are editable, so you can use any title and any description you wish.

2016-07-12_1751 mic

How to integrate the flipbook snippet into your email

There are 2 ways to do that: the super easy way, for premium users and the easy way for everyone.

  1. The super easy way is to just enter email addresses in the email field and click “Send email”. Easy, peasy. Especially if you don’t want to send a large number of emails. You can’t upload an email list here or enter multiple addresses. What you can do, however, is to enter your email address and then forward the snippet from your account.send email
  2. The other way (easy as well) is to copy the email code and use it in your newsletter. You don’t have to be a techie to do this, but you do need to use an email client that supports HTML code. We recommend Thunderbird as a free, easy to use computer software, but you can also sign up for an online email service like Mailchimp, which is also free if your email list is under 2000 contacts. We wanted to include Microsoft Outlook on the list as well, but HTML code is not supported by all versions.

embedcode copy

Now we’ll show you where to paste the code if you decide to use Thunderbird or Mailchimp.


  1. Compose email new email
  2. Go to Insert and choose HTML:insert_html_thunderbird-1
  3. Enter the email code from Flipsnack and click Insert:insert_html_thunderbird
    You will automatically see the snippet in your email, a sign that your email is ready to be sent!


  1. Sign up/ Sign in and start an email campaign
  2. After you add recipients and set up your email, you’re asked to select a template. Choose Code your own and select Paste in code.mail 1
  3. Simply paste the code on the right, click Save and you’ll see the snippet on the left
    Mailchimp magazine
  4. Send email
  5. There are lots and lots of other great email platforms that support HTML coding, so if you’re currently using something else to send email newsletters, just check if it supports HTML code.

Please contact us if you have questions.

Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. I’m embedding the code into my mailchimp template but it’s blank.

    Why might this be?

    • Hi Tom,

      We have tested out and the embed seems to be working properly.
      However, if you still encounter this issue, please make sure to head over to Mailchimp support and ask for more info on this.



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