flipbook advantages

If you are a business owner and you are trying to gain success, but you still didn’t find your secret weapon, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are activating in a creative industry, selling a local product, or international service, you need to be sharp and keen with your approach.

There are many ways to use a flipbook, but today we’re going to focus on one topic. Below you can find 40 ways of how to take full advantage of flipbooks in your business strategy. 

Client meetings

Another very important aspect to keep in mind while running a small business is the client. When you’re  one step away from winning a client, the presentation is extremely important. We all know that moment when preparing for a client meeting. Oh… the anxiety, the effort, and creation, mixed together in a meticulous presentation. On one hand, you could take a chance and follow the old school techniques while on the other, you could go all in for flipbooks.

Likable, interactive and attractive material, long story short, flipbook presentations.

Developing a strategy

Since we pointed out the strategy earlier, you shouldn’t focus your attention on following that strategy blindfolded, but always keep your eyes open, adapting your plans in accordance with the reactions you get from the market. That means strategy equals constant work and development, just like a valuable flipping book.

Supervising team & work

Working with digital materials, such as flipbooks will give you the chance to work better in retrospective since you can easily supervise the stage of your work and team as well. You can also keep track of all the materials finished so far as well as create drafts and improve the next ones.


We all know how it is. You try to focus on more things at a time because you lack the time to do them all gradually. And with the digital era taking over slowly but surely you might feel the pressure. Don’t worry too much about it. Instead, keep practicing. You may not notice it at first, but working with flipbooks on a daily basis will improve your multitasking skills one feature at a time. So keep on going! It will all come easier each day.

Plan and organize


When there’s a plan, you can review it, see its results and play along with your results. Doesn’t that sound like a dream? When you’re a local business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by all the competitors, especially if you are at the beginning of your journey. If you look around at the competition in your domain, you may be fooled to think that they invest a lot of money in their promotion, but that is usually not the case. They might be in the same situation as you. Most companies like to engage in this game of bamboozling, concentrating on appearance, while actually trying to save as much money as possible.

So…plan the plan > respect the plan> review the plan > repeat.


Clients are not all the same, and neither should be your approach. You probably heard about segmentation before. If you want your business to grow, you should keep track of who’s buying you and why. Maybe even create a buyer persona sketch and work on that. So if you’re presenting your materials to your clients with flipbooks, we suggest you do the same with your clients’ profiles. You’ll see how their portrait will take shape.

Get more traffic on website

Adding links to your flipbooks can easily help you direct traffic to your website, blog, or social media channels. It works vice-versa as well. Your channels can redirect users and potential customers to your flipbooks as well, as long as they are public. It’s a win-win situation.

Communication with clients (future or actual)

Remember the time when you had to write down homework instructions on your notebook and hope for the best while trying to guess what your teacher wanted from you exactly. Your communication with customers was probably the same a few years ago but not anymore. You can now speed up the revisions and feedback process by always checking up with them regarding your offer and work. How? With flipbooks.

Save money


You’re not only going to skip the printing process (which can be extremely tiring and energy consuming), but that also means you will definitely save some money as well. Digital materials can also reduce your promotional and marketing budget as well. Why not take full advantage?


10 years ago, you probably would have approached your customers differently, and your strategy was probably different. But times change, so do your clients and their needs. You don’t have to be a believer, we’re talking facts. Most of the communication (regardless the domain) has moved into the digital ground. Be a part of it!


Boring? That will never happen with flipbooks. Images, videos, text effects, flipping effect, embed links and so on, are only some of the seasonings digital materials will allow you to play around with. You know what they say, you should always spice things up.


Working with flipbooks will change your conception of storing forever. All files will be stored in the cloud. Moreover, you will be able to access all old files anytime. Storing and keeping track was never so easy.


Building a strong team can be hard, especially if working with remote employees all over the world. Working on a digital platform with tools like flipbooks and such will help you frame a stronger team while working together on common projects.


Trust me, I’m an engineer, or more like, trust us, we know the trends. Take a look at other flipbooks and templates in order to keep up with the flow of the industry. You don’t want to be outdated, do you?



That’s exactly it. Display+play equals displayability. Play with images, templates, and effects in order to obtain the best visual aspect. Keep in mind to play around with visuals, graphics, and layouts until you reach the most “displayable” version of your flipbook.

Easy access

Working on it, as well as accessing it is now possible from anywhere in the world, at any time. Forget about constraints. Working with flipbooks allows you to be more flexible and ductile. Moreover, this is possible even if more people are working on the same project. That’s awesome, isn’t it?


While trying to be original, you might step on shaky ground. Some people know how to keep a balance between being different and keeping it simple, whereas some don’t. Try not to exaggerate with different types of elements and keep a general clean aspect. Take a look at some of the templates. You’ll see how using flipbooks will help you build a unity that is coherent and homogeneous.


Flipbooks will help you speed up the process of revisions and feedback. Not only can you get your clients opinion in a matter of seconds but accelerating the back and forth talk between the parts, but it allows you to make changes directly on your material even a minute before your presentation. Now that’s what we’re talking about.

Audio and visual

When it comes to grabbing people’s attention, you have to keep an eye on two directions. Some people respond better to audio stimulus, others to the visual ones. The best thing you could do would be to integrate both types of files in your flipbooks, in order to make your material more attractive.

Template customisation

Flipbooks and other digital material can be fully customized in order to fit your needs and requirements. Flipbooks allow you to play around with features and effects while still following the unwritten guidelines of digital.

Stimulate creativity


Practice makes perfect translates to, the more you’ll exercise your creative skills, your performance will improve. This rule applies even if you don’t think you have talent. You know what they say, hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard, so never give up. Your creative skills will improve one flipbook at a time.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Whether you think you can do it by yourself, ask for somebody else’s opinion as well. Using flipbooks will improve the communication between teammates as well as the ability to work together as a team, in order to perform better.


Adopting a digital strategy will automatically broaden your client base. You can get in touch with customers from all over the world. Moreover, the shareability of your materials will make customers come to you and even encourage them to further recommend you.


What does a client appreciate in a brand? The feeling of closeness. The sense that you are always at their disposal even if you are literally 1000 miles away. As pointed out previously, flipbooks not only allow you to build a stronger team while working together but to have a better connection with your customers and make them feel appreciated.


Whether you have one or 100 employees, you should always have and adopt a professional attitude. Starting from the way you talk to the customers to the way you “sell” yourself. Using flipbooks in your communication (presentations, offers, pricing lists, other content) will put a sharp twist on your client’s perception regarding your business.

Time management


Time is money, and money is a sensitive subject. Nowadays, we all feel the pressure of time, especially when it comes to working. The ability to work on multiple things at the same time with an improved workflow will save you precious time and dollars in the long term. The more you give, the more you’ll get back, this means productivity will be improved by going digital.


You want people to notice you, we all do. But the trap we’re tempted to fall into is the fear of being original. Look around you and see how people dress. The ones who actually express their personality are less and less, because of the tools at our disposal (the clothes in store), tend to follow the same guidelines. Flipbooks not only give you all the necessities in order to be able to step out of the box, but it encourages you to push your limits and dare to be different.


Keeping an attractive website or blog can be tricky because you always have to post engaging and original content. Flipbooks can help you improve the aspect of your online identity while making it more alluring and intriguing.

Give not sell

Your main objective is probably boosting your sales, but your actions don’t have to reflect that. Before you start expecting massive numbers in your bank account, you should give first. What? It’s simple, a good product, great communication, and valuable information and content. Sending someone an interesting digital flipbook that contains useful information can really make the difference.


An old Scout saying says “Be prepared”. For what? For pretentious clients, for unpredictable situations, for strategy changes, for anything. They say that bad weather does not exist, only unprepared people. So get ready! If you are about to enter a meeting, we suggest you prepare a couple of flipbooks with different business proposals. See how the meeting goes and play along accordingly.



Email marketing has been around for a while and will still be for sure. But if we look back to where it all started, we can easily admit that a lot of improvements took place. One of them is in regards to the engagement. Whereas 10 years ago, emails were all about text (a lot of it), now things are more interactive. What if we tell you that you can embed a HTML5 flipbook in the email you want to send to your customers? Send them a presentation of your new feature/product or even a special offer with the help of flipbooks.


We all love those basic clothing items that we can wear in different combinations. Flipbooks are just like that. They are extremely versatile and you can use them for different purposes. From client presentations to portfolio, offers, reports and so on.


The beauty of using flipbooks is that you never know in whom’s hands is going to “fall”. Sharing your materials online will help you get in contact with tons of different people, with a lot of different backgrounds from all over the world. You know how it’s always good to know someone who knows someone.


Trying new things is usually time-consuming, but not in this case. The whole process of creation-implementation-revision will speed up, giving you the chance to act and react a lot faster.

Pricing list

Pricing lists are usually boring and reduce interaction to its minimum. But why not make an original and funky pricing list? After all, don’t first impressions count at all? We think they do, and we also believe that asking people to pay you money in a much nicer way, will definitely be more effective.


While the battle between digital and print has been going on for quite a while now, we can see with our bare eyes how digital is earning serious ground. If 10 years ago, all businesses were promoting themselves via print and only some of them were present in the digital world, the situation has reversed completely. Flipbooks and digital materials, in general, offer more coverage, SEO support, shareability, and playfulness.



Social media is not all about funny pictures and viral videos. If you are a business owner and want to gain respect from your customers and competition you should offer them quality information and content, in a non-boring way. How? I bet you already know >>> flipbooks.


When owning a local business, you want to be at the top of the Google list when people from around the area are interested in your domain. I’m sure you are having a hard time working with keywords trying to improve your ranking. Switching to digital will do just that because flipbooks can actually be seo-friendly.

Fast turnaround

A better communication with your clients will have a great impact on your turnaround time. While working with classic tools slows down the attainment of the final result, flipbooks speed it up as much as possible, depending on client.


Using flipbooks as a way of communicating with your customers and to represent your business will deliver a sense of unity and concurrence to your whole brand awareness, and that is a good thing. You want your customers or potential ones to always identify you through certain elements, starting from logo, style of communication or even certain colors, no matter the context.

And the list can go on. By this time, we’re pretty sure that you could barely help it, not to start creating a flipbook already, but read the whole article instead. We won’t keep you any longer.

May the gods of creativity and inspiration follow you forever in your flipbooks designs!