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Whether we like it or not, holidays are just as much about spending money as they are about spending time with our families. According to statistical data, small and medium-sized businesses and retailers make 20 to 40% of their annual sales in the last two months of the year. Also, about 55% of the people […]


Electronic catalogs (or short e-catalogs) are digital publications that present products with the purpose of helping them sell. You’re probably looking for the right software of for design tips to help you create the best e-catalog for your business. This article includes tips for design as well as other useful suggestions for making your digital […]

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All brands and businesses want the same thing in the end: sales. Everybody want to sell as much as possible. If you’re reading this you’re probably interested in this yourself and you’re looking for ideas and tips on how to increase sales. There are many ways to optimize your marketing content for online sales, but today we’ll […]

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If your online catalogs don’t perform very well in terms of sales, it’s possible that you’re making a few mistakes. Here’s a list of things that might be missing from your digital catalog: Product image and description Online shopping has a lot of advantages, but it is also a bit risky because you can’t touch […]

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Are you using these five awesome ingredients in your product catalogs? Try them and your publications will have a powerful effect on your readers. 1. Images A shopping catalog without photos is like socks without feet. The whole purpose of a product catalog is to present what it sells and that can’t be done properly […]

Professional online catalogs

Online catalogs are mostly used for shopping and for driving sales. To achieve the best results in your marketing campaign please read the following guidelines: 1.  Use visually appealing product images You need your products to look good in the catalog in order to sell, so you need some quality photos. Hire a professional photographer […]

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Flipsnack has recently launched a rich media editor, which comes with a smart eCommerce solution: PayPal checkout. Shopping option in digital magazines If you’re sending your customers from the magazine to an online shop, you’re asking readers to take an extra step and they might change their minds in the meantime. With Flipsnack and the […]