interactive catalogs: How to increase sales with shopping links

Interactive catalogs are the next big thing. Keeping up with consumer’s expectations is a full-time job in 2019. Especially if you have an eCommerce business. In this article, we will dig deeper into what it takes to design a successful interactive digital catalog to help you boost sales and increase awareness of your products through interactivity. Sounds cool? Keep on reading!

the art of art catalogs

Have you ever wondered what’s an art catalog? They have indeed a multitude of purposes. These publications can serve as a teaser to promote a certain exhibition. Or, for visitors, the exhibition catalog can be an informative book that gives more detailed information about the art inside. Interesting, right? Keep on reading to discover more insightful things about the art catalogs!

cover story of the catalog

It’s interesting to discover the history of catalogs. They are an essential part of the shopping experience and we can’t imagine our life without them. Keep on reading to find out when and why the first catalog was created, which ones are the longest-lasting or most popular catalogs; and also to see how they developed from the past till present.

Gift catalog

Putting together holiday gift catalogs involves a lot more than simply rounding up all the products that you have to offer, even with all the tools and technology you have. To figure out how to create a unique holiday gift guide for your blog, and to handle the holiday season like a boss, check out our list of seven things you need to do to create an amazing holiday catalog gift guide!

writing product catalog copy

Catalogs are a different, sort of forgotten medium for selling products. You are supposed to promote multiple products in a single publication with short, attractive descriptions. If you feel like you need help writing copy for catalogs you’re in the right place. Keep on reading this article to discover more interesting things about this topic.

shopping catalog

Shopping catalogs are highly important for consumers, because they make their experience so much easier and more fun as they can flip their way through a world of products. Keep on reading to discover many interesting things about shopping catalogs!


Electronic catalogs (or short e-catalogs) are digital publications that present products to help them sell. You’re probably looking for the right software for design tips to help you create the best e-catalog for your business. This article includes tips for design as well as other useful suggestions for making your digital catalog. Let’s start with the beginning.

design catalog InDesign

We’ve reached the final chapter of our InDesign tutorials and while mixed emotions challenge us, we are very happy and greatful for your appreciation and we want to thank you for following us. Having said all this, let’s get down to business for the last time in this series. If you want to upload your catalog […]

InDesign how to save

This is the 5th part of the Indesign tutorial series. So far we’ve talked about preparation, adding elements, creating new pages and about This is the 5th part of the InDesign tutorial series. So far we’ve talked about preparation, adding elements, creating new pages and about cover design. Once you’ve checked that everything is in […]