Cover menu templates

Opening an eatery, be it a bistro or a fine dining restaurant, demands a lot of effort and resources. Unfortunately, these businesses fail to thrive or even survive due to poor management and bad planning. As per usual, the folly is in the details such as the menus. Discover 4 menu templates that will save your business. Thank us later!

free mothers day cards printable

Mother’s day is an important occasion that’s celebrated all over the world. People express their love, admiration, respect and honor towards mothers and other motherly figures. And since this day is just around the corner, we should all think of the perfect gifts to shower our moms with. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, are all good ideas, […]

school newspaper guide

School newspapers are a great way to inform and entertain high school and college communities, that’s why every school should create some. If you’re feeling clueless about this topic, don’t worry. We’ve created the ultimate guide that should help you design your school newspaper. Read more if you’re interested in this subject.

Pricing guide design tutorial

A lot of business owners, vendors and freelancers come to a point in their life when they realize the value of a well-made price list. It can boost your marketing and get you more clients.
This article will cover design tips, tools, templates and examples of price lists. By following our tips, anyone can make beautiful pricing guides, without a designer. Sounds great? Keep reading!

digital portfolio student highschool

With the high rise of technology in the educational field, more and more schools encourage students to build a digital portfolio. Read more about this topic to find out why you should make a student portfolio and how should you make it. We’ve got a lot of tips and tricks just for you.

Halloween flyer templates

Halloween is coming soon, so we thought we should help you with the preparations by sharing our free Halloween flyer templates with you. They are perfect as Halloween party invitations, event flyers, for costume contests or for Halloween promotions. Whatever your Halloween flyer needs may be, we got you covered. First things first, let’s see […]

travel brochure template free indesign

Looking for a travel brochure template to use in a marketing campaign or as a way to preserve your travel memories? No need to look any further! Today we’re offering this free brochure template in InDesign that is 100% customizable. Even though we made this specifically for the travel industry, you can obviously use it […]

Halloween freebies

Everybody is getting ready for the biggest and greatest celebration of October: Halloween. Some of you are working on their costumes, others are working on marketing materials, so we’ve been also working on some spookish Halloween freebies for everyone! Let’s team up for a kick-ass Halloween celebration! Halloween freebies for download It’s easy to create […]

marketing plan for investors

Many articles teach you how to create an effective marketing plan for your business. You can also find lots of marketing plan templates or business plan templates that are almost “ready-made”. So we are going to take a slightly different approach. This article is more about teaching you how to write a marketing plan that makes you and your business look good to investors.