yearbook ideas cover

High school yearbooks have always been a great opportunity to leave a heart-melting memory to your colleagues. But if you’re feeling not very talented at creating memorable photo albums, then you should check this article that gives you some useful yearbook ideas. See for yourself.

the best car magazines

Car magazines have been around since forever. Many people, young and old, have been fascinated by the way cars work and how they look for a very long time. Some have been so dedicated to this culture, that they’ve even started their car magazines. We compiled a list of 15 amazing car magazines that you should read if you’re also a big fan. See for yourself!

The art of the music festival poster

In the middle of your marketing strategy, the music festival poster should be the headliner of your main stage.
Let’s take a look at how the art of music festival posters shaped the festival music industry over the years. Also, stay tuned for tips on how to design your own music poster for your next event and a VIDEO that pretty much sums up all this article. See it below.

magazine cover templates

How much can a cover influence the popularity of a magazine? How difficult it is to create a spectacular magazine cover? Where can we find some magazine cover templates to get our inspiration from? The aim of this article is to answer best all of these questions.
We’ve chosen 10 stunning magazine cover templates that will hopefully become your source of inspiration! If not, just ignore or delete them and enjoy the covers! Have a look!

julia child mastering the art of cookbooks

I bet there’s no one who hadn’t heard of Julia Child and her amazing recipes. If you’re passionate about food and cooking, then you surely have some of her books. But you don’t have to cook like her to wrap all your culinary recipes in your cookbook. You just need some tips and tricks. Continue reading to learn how to make a cookbook like a pro!

how to design trifold brochure cover

Brochures should be a part of your offline marketing strategy, especially when trying to get the word out. It could be for a new gym place, the cool new restaurant in town, or just another event. Read on for more tips on how to design a trifold brochure: the ultimate guide + free trifold brochure templates and tips on how to edit them. 

book cover design cover photo

Following the hard work you put into writing your own book (what a struggle!), you’ll have to think about a proper title and book cover design to present it to the world in the best way possible. Whether you’re designing your book cover for a virtual bookshelf or a physical one, it should emphasize the soul of your work, in only one image.
Here’s Flipsnack’s ultimate guide to designing your own book cover.

Cover menu templates

Opening an eatery, be it a bistro or a fine dining restaurant, demands a lot of effort and resources. Unfortunately, these businesses fail to thrive or even survive due to poor management and bad planning. As per usual, the folly is in the details such as the menus. Discover 4 menu templates that will save your business. Thank us later!

free mothers day cards printable

Mother’s day is an important occasion that’s celebrated all over the world. People express their love, admiration, respect and honor towards mothers and other motherly figures. And since this day is just around the corner, we should all think of the perfect gifts to shower our moms with. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, are all good ideas, […]