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It’s time to share our monthly picks for the top flipbooks series.

Last month we had a particularly long blog post, so today we’ll only put a few flipbooks in the spotlight. We’ll share with you a short description of the publication and a layout, to give you a taste of the publication.  If you want to view the entire publication, just click on the image and it will take you to the full flipbook.

Enjoy your reading!

1. South Down Project

Robin was kind enough to provide us a description of what South Down Project is and does:

“We are master plan developers- and quite simply we have a very bold plan that has been local gathering support over the last two years.

The sites of the Shoreham Cement Works and its attendant quarry have been an eyesore for decades. However, the opportunity now exists to transform the entire site into an outstanding example of a world-class development. This development must be appropriate to the needs of the South Downs National Park and the local population, as well as meet the demands of conservation, enhancement of natural beauty, wildlife, cultural heritage, promotion of the qualities of the National Park, housing, transport infrastructure, preservation, biodiversity, regeneration, and the economic wellbeing of the local communities.

It is the intention of the South Down Project, with the aid of all the relevant key stakeholders, to successfully deliver this transformation.”

They have a gorgeous Flipsnack profile, check it out.

South down project

2. Solocatalogos – Ebba Kids

Solocatalogos is a company that helps Colombian women gain financial independence, supporting them to become female entrepreneurs. The company has over 5 years experience in direct catalog sales and collaborates with other companies that produce clothing and accessories. They have some unique collections, made entirely in the city of Cali, at high quality standards.

kids clothing catalog

3. Plymouth Half Marathon

Plymouth’s Half Marathon is a much celebrated traffic-free road race, which takes in all that is great about Plymouth. It offers stunning coastal views, a charming harbour and the beautiful National Trust grounds of Saltram Park.

We love the fresh design of their brochure which contains information about the timetable, map and other details.

Plymouth half marathon

4. BERRE AS – LØV magazine

Berre magazine

LØV is an editorial/advertising magazine produced by BERRE, a Norwegian agency that delivers a wide range of visual content for brands. They make all the editorial decisions through to photography, model styling, illustrations, design and layout. LØV magazine is produced in three editions, of 70 000 copies each.

They chose Flipsnack to host the online version of their publications.

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