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There’s that saying: “Don’t judge a book by the cover”, but we all know we do. That’s the reason why all publications deserve good looking covers, and that’s why we got you covered (gotta love puns).

How? – You might ask.

We have a lot of ready made professional templates for a variety of publications, including book covers, magazine covers, brochures, reports, portfolios and more. You can easily edit them in our design editor, by editing texts, replacing images (with a simple drag and drop motion) and other item. Obviously, you can always add more objects on the flipbook cover or delete some. At the end of the day, it’s your call and you have full control over how your flipbook will look.

We used to keep the cover options at the Customize step, the 2nd step of the flipbook creation. After the release of the content editor, we’ve realized that it makes more sense to have the cover and the pages editing options in one place, in the content editor. So that is where you will find them now.

To make a custom cover for your flipbook, go to Editor. You can get there from the Customization/ Settings step, and the option is featured right below the Preview area. Check the page templates featured on the right and apply the one that you like by simply dragging it over the page. Another way to get there is to design your flipbook from scratch, without a PDF.

Another nice trick is to apply the hardcover effect to your flipbook’s cover pages. You can also find that option on the left in the Customize area.

At the end, you can download your custom design as PDF (printable), but we recommend using the online version as well.

Now go ahead and make some beautiful covers for your publications!

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