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If your online catalogs don’t perform very well in terms of sales, it’s possible that you’re making a few mistakes.

Here’s a list of things that might be missing from your digital catalog:

Product image and description

Online shopping has a lot of advantages, but it is also a bit risky because you can’t touch the product, try it on or test it in any way. This is where a photo and a description come in handy, to give the consumer an accurate idea of how the product looks and/or feels.


The only scenario in which it is acceptable to not have links in your catalog is when you don’t have an online shop. Oh wait. Even then, you should have some links: your website & your social accounts. You can add links in the Flipsnack editor if your PDF doesn’t have any links in it.

Buy buttons

If you have an online shop you should use buy buttons that link to the product page, because they have a stronger impact than links. It’s very easy to add them from the Flipsnack editor.

Calls to action

A call to action (CTA)  is an instruction meant to provoke the reader to take an immediate action. It can be written on a button (Buy now) or you can post it after the product description.

Shopping widget

If you have the option to use shopping widgets inside the catalog, do it, by all means! It’s the most convenient way to shop and it will increase your sales. Currently Flipsnack supports only PayPal shopping widgets, but that is great news for you and your customers, if you have a PayPal account.

Good design

Yes, design will affect sales. If the cover looks ugly, people won’t bother to look at your products. So hire a good designer – you won’t be sorry.

If you did everything by the book, you should make sure the catalog gets in front of the eyes of your readers. Embed the publication into your website and share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. The good news is that it will play on Facebook like a Youtube video, if you just post the link.

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