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Social media can seem overwhelming at times, especially if you’re not an experienced marketer, so we wanted to help you out. We compiled a list of best practices for social media promotion, to teach you how to advertise your products and your flipbooks.

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If you have a business or an organization you should have a Facebook page and you should know how it works. Facebook has these algorithms that measure engagement for each post and use them to determine whether the post is interesting, in which case they show it to more people. If it’s uninteresting, less people are going to see it.

This matters because you need to make sure your posts are engaging. You do that by leveraging the information Facebook gives you via Insights.

Know your audience

It’s important to know who are the people that follow your page, because you will be posting for them. The age group and gender are important, but it’s not enough. Find out what interests them and keep posting that type of content. Also, don’t be too self promotional, your fans aren’t going to like that. Nobody likes to listen to other people / brands who only talk about how great they are.

Best time to post

You just have to check the Insights of your page to find what is the best time to post on your Facebook page. Luckily, you don’t necessarily have to be online at that specific time – you can easily schedule your posts in advance, directly from Facebook or from a 3rd party app like Hootsuite.

Engaging post types

Images work particularly well on all social media channels. On Facebook, people engage with image posts more than they do with links. Links take people off your page, and few of them return to give you a like or a share.
You can also share videos from Youtube/Vimeo or upload videos directly on Facebook. You’ll notice a higher engagement rate for the latter because Youtube and Vimeo videos can’t be played on full screen on FB.

This is general information that can be applied to any page, product or post. If you have a flipbook that you want to promote, do the following:

  • Don’t share the same flipbook link over and over again.
  • Do share the link occasionally: your flipbook will look gorgeous on Facebook, people will be able to view and turn the pages right there
  • Create posts using images that appear in your flipbook and paste the flipbook link in the image description, along with a short text or a call to action.

magazine on Facebook


Your Twitter strategy needs to be a bit different, because it’s a channel that has other rules and functionality.

For starters, you are limited to using only 140 text characters, but luckily, Twitter lets you use links, photos, videos, GIFs and polls in your tweets.

Our recommendations for posting on Twitter are:

Post often & recirculate content

Considering the enormous volume of tweets and how quickly the average person’s feed changes, you can post more often than on Facebook. Some people recommend 3 posts/day, but big brands or media agencies do it even more often. Experiment to see what works for you. You don’t necessarily need new ideas for each tweet. It’s ok to reuse the same content with slightly different wording.

Use relevant hashtags

Twitter created hashtags as a way to categorize messages, but hashtags are also a great way to boost your tweets’ discoverability. We recommend using trending hashtags, and that implies tweeting about popular events, news or holidays, but mostly, use hashtags that cover topics that are relevant for your followers.

Use images and videos

You’ll notice that image, GIF and video posts have a higher engagement rate. Our eyes are naturally drawn to images and movement.

Use mentions

Have conversations on Twitter with influencers and other brands from your industry. This way you will get a wider exposure, and you might even learn a thing or two from them.

Follow other people from your industry

Many people feel the need to reciprocate when they are followed, so it’s a good way to grow your community. You can also repost and favorite tweets to get their attention

Use links

The majority of tweets feature links in them. The architecture of a successful tweet looks like this: Text + URL + hashtags + image

Twitter promotion

Promote your flipbooks on Twitter by following these rules. Make it a habit to include photos from your digital flipbooks in your tweets and to link to your flipbook.


Google+ is very similar to Facebook, but not as popular. If you have a G+ page, use it to promote your flipbook. We recommend you to use the share link because G+ will automatically show a beautiful image of your flipbook (the cover).

Google Plus Promotion

You can also enter some groups/communities that have the same interests as you, and post in those groups as well.


People use Pinterest to collect images and ideas, and to create mood boards. Let’s see some ideas on how you can optimize your account to get more views, clicks, repins and favorites.

Don’t create boards for your products

Instead, create boards for ideas and for inspiration, and integrate your products in those boards in a way that it doesn’t feel forced. Social channels weren’t made for promotion and if that’s all that you do, you will not have a lot of success.

Relevant board title, description and pin descriptions

Do a little keyword research to optimize your board title and description for search results, and use the same keywords in the descriptions of your pins

Don’t only pin from your website

Whenever you create a board, ask yourself: who will be interested in this board and why? This will help you understand the kind of pins you should have on your board. A successful Pinterest board should have at least 10-15 pins. If you are just starting on Pinterest, you can create a secret board, populate it with pins, and then go public with it (if you don’t want to flood your followers’ feed with your pins).

Regarding your flipbooks:

  • Don’t pin the same thing twice.
    On Pinterest your content stays perpetually relevant (evergreen), so it will get repins and clicks even after 1 year.
  • It’s ok to upload pins from computer and use your flipbook link as source, as long as the images that you pin appear in your flipbook.
  • Install and activate the Pinterest pin extension in your browser. It treats pages as images and lets you pin them to your boards.

Pinterest promotion

Then there’s of course Instagram and other platforms, which are great, but might not provide you as many views and clicks as the platforms we have discussed so far.

Paid Promotion

Another idea is to go for paid promotion on these social channels. With paid posts you will get more impressions, views, clicks and even sales. You can first test with free posts, and then boost your most popular posts for even more engagement. Just use the same copy and image in your ads.

What other tips do you have for social media promotion? We’d love to know, so let us know in comments!

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  1. How do you post your flipbook on social media without showing all you details (I want to show the book only)

    • HI Glenn, you could do the following:
      1. download a GIF version of your flipbook from Flipsnack
      2. upload it on social media
      3. add the flipbook link in the post description
      This way you could share a sneak peek of your magazine on social networks, to promote it. Would this work for you?


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