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Starting today, we have new features for you in Flipsnack. You can create every page of your flipbook right within our content editor (start from scratch) or you can edit your existing PDF by adding elements on it.

To access the new editor go to, click  “create from scratch” in menu. You can also upload the PDF or JPG and then add PDF content by clicking “Edit content” after upload.
Inside the new content editor you will find options to create and delete pages and add lots of elements on them: texts, images, videos, links, audio, shopping buttons, social media buttons and more.
To add an element to a page you need to select the page and drag and drop the desired item on it. Next, click Edit and customize your added item.
Here are some pictures with explanations:

old Flipsnack editor

page editing Flipsnack

We think the content editor is so much fun! Here’s a flipbook made from scratch in Flipsnack:

Now go to Flipsnack and make a flipbook yourself!

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  1. Is it possible to add just a pdg page to a documente that has already been published? I can see I can delete a page but can it be replaced for a new one?

  2. Question: how does this save and it is then in my files or is it access via ?

  3. is it completely free? Can I use it for multiple books?

    • Hi Nahlah, you can use it for free, but with limitations such as watermark, 15 pages/flipbook and 1 GB storage. Visit the “premium” page to see a comparison for all our plans.

  4. Hi,

    we currently host our magazines on flipsnack, we are in the process of trying to my the content dynamic, however there are some issues with the edit content function.

    For example, if we migrate the pdf in with links, and some of these links are email links, Flipsnack will ignore them and try and open a page called “” we tried doing it this way because the mail button link function literally does not shrink down enough over the email links in our magazine, also it has this white mail icon over it, blocking out some of the text. similarly all of the artwork for social media is aready in there, however when you create a social media hotspot, it hangs a logo over the logo…which again is not needed. I understand this feature has just been released, but if its being aimed at people like us who want to display online magazines, it is not ideal at all, very difficult to use and not very flexible unless you are creating the content from scratch.

    • Hi Mike, thank you for the feedback!
      We will have the technical team work on the email link issues. Please contact our support team (live chat) and ask them to check the flipbook (they will probably need to check the PDF as well) to see why our reader interprets the email links as web links.

      The social media buttons are indeed for if you create content from scratch. If you already have social buttons and you only want to add the link you should use the outline.


  5. Hi,
    I like the layouts but can you change the background colour?


  6. Can is be a vertical flip book? I want my portfolio to be like a calendar rather than a book.

  7. Finally. One of the most curious presentation creator. I really enjoy it.

  8. Hi There
    Is it possible to have the flipbook once created off line on our desktop for a keepsake? Or is it only possible to host it on your web site?
    Cheers M

  9. is it possible to print a page from FlipSnack?

  10. i like it.
    Fantastic option to edit the pdf’s. There are many great online services to publish/edit your own pdf’s online.


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