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Tags are a really powerful marketing tool and we are so excited to release this new feature today! It can really make a difference in your publications and in your marketing strategy. There are so many ways to use them!

They look like little blinking dots that are very eye-catching. They can be set to reveal text information or media related to a product or other items from your publications.

How to add tags in your publications

Tags are a premium feature and you can find them in the content editor, in the “Interaction” category. You just have to drag and drop the tag on the page, and then customize it. Each tag can showcase a text and a link. If you want to use a video or an image, you will have to paste a Youtube or Vimeo link, or an image link.

How to find an image URL

So the image has to be uploaded on the internet somewhere on a website/server. You just need to find the desired image (preferably an image from your website), right-click on it and then choose “Copy image address” from the menu. (depending on the browser, the option might be “Copy image URL” or “Copy image location”)

copy image address

Back to tags now.

Tags should really pop out, so when you pick a color for them, choose something that really stands out against the background. You can even use color codes for custom colors. Tags will reveal their color only when the mouse is on that page. When the mouse isn’t on the page, they show the “inactive” white-ish state.

However, when your readers will view the flipbook they will notice the tag for sure. Then they will check the blinking tag out of curiosity and they will see the information, image or video that you have prepared for them.

You can add as many tags as you want on each page.

Check out the tags from this publication:

And here’s a poster we made for a magazine. Feel free to pin it or share it on social if you like it.

tags ad

What other interactive features would you like to see in Flipsnack?

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  1. Su pagina es excelente y es de gran ayuda para los empresarios; porque les permite hacerles llegar a sus clientes las promociones, artículos y vídeos de sus productos. Como sugerencia le diría que deberían colocar una especie de lupa que permita ampliar las paginas, para que se pueda ver mas ampliados y leer mas fácilmente una determinada área de una pagina del libro.


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