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There are many ways you can use flipbooks this year. We recommend using it for business presentations, portfolios, catalogs, marketing or for personal projects.

To make stylish business presentations

As a businessman/ woman and you have lots of presentations to make: for your partners, clients, potential clients, your boss. Next time, use our smart tool to impress them even more. You can upload the presentation as PDF and enrich it with videos, images and more, or you can create from scratch in Flipsnack.

To publish your portfolio

Printed portfolios are great, but you can’t share them easily with lots of people. That’s why you should have an online version that looks charming and that has a look and feel of an actual portfolio. Recommended for all types of visual portfolios.

To share a piece of original content

You can publish essays, articles, tutorials about anything: technology, cooking, fashion, beauty, whatever and share them with your blog readers. Don’t use just text, because text is boring. Add colors and images and then embed it into your blog or share it on Facebook and Pinterest.

To advertise your products in a catalog

If you sell something, put it in a catalog. Add images, buy links and a short product description, then share it. Hiring a good designer for this will help you sell more, because a catalog communicates through colors and images, fonts, not just text.

To create a special surprise for someone you love

The best gifts are those that show how much you care and know the other person. If there’s someone special in your life that deserves everything from you and you want to surprise them with a cool gift, create a flipbook for them. You can add images of the best moments you spent together and write a flipbook “letter” that will make the recipient cry or laugh. Or both. Those are the best.

To create a photo album

If you are a photographer, upload the best portraits you shot and show off! Upload photos directly in Flipsnack (jpg, jpeg) or create a professional indesign album with facing pages (save as PDF).

Do you have any other ideas? Share them in comments!

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