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November 30, 2015

Top flipbooks of November 2015

We have decided to continue the “top flipbooks” series with monthly posts in which we will feature our favorite flipbooks, made by our users. In addition to a screenshot image and a link we will also add some information about the publisher and quotes from some of them.

Without further ado, in no specific order, here they go:

1. Harry Byrne – portfolio magazine

Click on the image to view with entire portfolio:

harry byrne portfolio

Who is Harry Byrne and what does he think about Flipsnack:

I’m a graphic designer, working at the National Portrait Gallery for the last 3 years, when it came to showcasing my work I knew I wanted to use Flipsnack to present my online portfolio, this is because it’s easy to use! With just a few clicks to download a PDF file, then a few more clicks later you are left with a fluent and very efficient flip book!

2. WeightWatchers AU – magazine preview

Click on image to view

weight watchers recipe magazine

We all know about WeightWatchers and we are very happy to have them on Flipsnack. The layout above looks insanely great and delicious, right? The WeightWatchers promise is that they will teach you how to fall in love with real food. The pictures are quite convincing, right?

3. Meghan Hemstra Photography – Engagement how-to guide

Click on the photo view the publication

photography guide

About Meghan Hemstra Photography and her Flipsnack experience:

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Vancouver BC and I LOVE to travel.
Flipsnack is a really simple way to create interactive PDF’s. I’m a busy girl so I really appreciate the intuitive layout and the speed with which I can finish a project.
Advice: Plan your PDF/Booklet out ahead of time. Know exactly what content you want, and and the order you want to present it in before you go about creating your publication layout. When it’s finished, look through it yourself and ask yourself some simple questions: was it easy to use? Fun and interactive? Was the content clear? Did the pictures relate to the content? If the answer is yes then you’re good to go!

4. Good property guide

Click on the photo view the publication

good property guide

The flipbook was published by a printer that produces this magazine and hundreds of others.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in comments!

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