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We’re very excited today, because it’s the day we release the new editor. It’s a time-saver, and we think you’ll love it.

We built it especially for users who work with PDFs (which is 97% of you), and it only works for PDF editing.  Most of you use the editor just to add links, rather than to create from scratch, so it will work just fine for you. You can access the editor from My FlipbooksTry new editor


    • The new editor is a stripped-down version of the former (still in beta). We’ll be adding more features soon.
    • The old editor is the default for everyone, because it is packed with layouts and features for content creation. But don’t worry, that will be redesigned as well, soon.
  • If you edit an existing flipbook, you will be directed to the old editor, for now.

Why we decided to redesign

The old editor was designed especially for creation from scratch. However, our data revealed that most of you use PDFs to create flipbooks, so we’ve decided to help you add links and publish faster, by making a few changes.

We also had to optimize the editor for smaller screens. The majority of our users are working from laptops, so optimizing for smaller resolution wasn’t optional, it was a necessity.

So over the last few weeks we put in our best efforts to give you better editing options.

The result is a simpler and smarter interface.

What exactly is different

The new tool can only be used to edit uploaded PDFs. Log in to your account, go to “My flipbooks” and click “Try new editor”.  If you need an element from the old version that is not yet accessible with the new interface, or if you want to create a flipbook from scratch, you should still use the old editor.

button new editor

  • New Pages menu

We chose to move the pages menu to the right side to free up some space for page editing. You can select, add and delete pages from there.


  • Page zoom

You can zoom in and out on the page that you’re working on, specify a scaling percentage, fit the page to the size of the current window or view actual size.


  • Rotation

Now you can rotate texts and photos. This is a new functionality which has been requested by many of you. You asked for it, so now you have it!


  • New Publish popin

Now you can set your flipbook visibility options and Google Analytics tracking code directly from the Publish popin.


  • The toolbar is always on top

We’ve changed the position of element menus, so the new toolbar is always on top. Depending on the type of element (text, image, video, buttons) different toolbars will appear to cater for your needs. Just select the item that you want to edit and format it using the top toolbar. Simple and intuitive!


  • Simpler customization

The “Widget settings” tab is now labeled as “Customize” and it’s the second item on the left.

With the new interface it’s much easier to change your flipbook’s settings. We show only the most used widget settings, to give you a less cluttered view, which is easier to work with. If you want to reveal all settings, click More options. You’ll see that we didn’t take out any functionality from widget customization.


  • Better usability

By taking out layouts and other less used elements we’ve made the interface look less cluttered. Some elements from the old editor that didn’t make it to the first release will be added later: tags, captions, audio, forms, masks, shopping options.

With the new interface you don’t have to navigate through so many options and settings, because they are better organized.

Benefits of the redesign

The new editor is not just prettier to look at. It will also help you save time by simplifying the publishing process.

Say goodbye to all the time wasted on searching for hidden features – the new editor is better organized, so you won’t have to dig to discover where the video widget or where the links are hidden. You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, in no time.

When it comes to loading times, faster is always better. The new editor responds to all your commands promptly (quicker than before), which makes it more efficient.  

We hope you enjoy the new look and that it makes your interaction with Flipsnack a better experience. If you have any comments or feedback, please get in touch.

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