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Password protection is a feature that has been requested over and over again by our users. And we get it… you don’t want confidential information to be found by your competitors and yet you need to store it somewhere and to share it with people from your company, or with a specific department.
So you asked for password protection and we made it happen! The password protection feature is limited to Flip Corporate and Snack Business users.

Here’s how you can protect your documents online:

Go to and create your publication. Just upload your PDF or upload it and then enrich it with rich media items. When you’re done click “Publish”. You will have to enter some details about your flipbooks: title, description, category and privacy options.  This is where you will be able to set the password.
Setting the password is extremely easy.

  • Just select “Private-with password”  in the dropdown under Visibility
  • Enter a password
  • Click “Publish now”

To change it or remove it you just have to click on Change password or Remove password.
Check out an example of a password protected flipbook below. Enter the password “flipsnack” to be able to view the publication:

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