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This year’s mission for our developers here at Flipsnack is to dazzle you. We really hope you’ll appreciate their efforts and of course, find the new features they’re developing for you useful. Throughout 2018 you’ll notice our tool will undergo many changes and their sole purpose is to help you better yourself professionally. Therefore and without further ado let’s see what’s new this month.

Custom sizes and new page formats

custom sizes

The universe we’re part of is all about sizes. We deal with them on a daily basis in all aspects of our lives, like for example “which dimensions suit best my next project?” Well if you don’t know there’s no need to panic because till now we had four default templates you could choose from: A4, Flyer, Booklet and Presentation.

This February we added two more to our roster which we believe will come in handy for many of you. You know who you are!

Letter – The late American president Ronald Reagan made it the official paper size for all federal forms in the early 80’s and since then it became standard for the entire North American continent and a few other countries

Tabloid – This is the newspaper format we all know and now you can make one too. Digital or printed it doesn’t really matter because your readers already expect it. With this template Rupert Murdoch has nothing on you so get to work you little media mogul you!
However, if you do know which dimensions to use for your brilliant new project we have built width and height boxes for you to type those size numbers. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Use style options to personalise your work

style options

A large bulk of Flipsnack users are savvy designers who love to play with their work or give it that special touch that makes the difference between pro and amateur. For those of you who fall into this category of users we have something fresh out of the development oven.

We give you the Style toolbox which offers you three new practical options to use whenever you feel like there’s room for improvement regarding that cover image or you want to give your entire project some panache. Here’s what you can do from now on:

    • Rounded corners – its purpose is to round off edges
    • Drop shadow – gives the impression that shapes or images hover above the page
    • Border – this one sets the border thickness of your images drawing more attention to them

And finally…



Bring more people around you and your projects and develop together to achieve more and better results. With our new Team Plan you can work now three times faster because you and two buddies can team up and use one single account. Moreover, if you decide to purchase our Team Plan you and your team will have unlimited:

  • Unlisted flipbooks
  • Password-protected flipbooks
  • HTML5 downloads

We know, we’re impressed too. Well that’s about it for this month. Till next time keep up the good work!

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