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Despite the hysteria that publishing is on its deathbed, publishing is alive, well and strong. It has merely taken a transformational path and merged into the digital world. This merger has enabled publishers to use the evermore-evolving digital platforms to make publications fiercer, more powerful, and more influential than ever before.

The transformation from print publishing to digital is essential. While hardcover sales are plummeting, digital publication sales are at their high, and produce higher profit margins even with lower digital publishing price per unit sales compared to hardcover.

Recently, the longest running newspaper in the world, Lloyd’s List, found it critical to shift to digital, and has dramatically increased its client base. Operating since 1734 as a bulletin of information about ship arrivals and departures in London, it now also covers maritime commerce and insurance news on its digital platform with greater opportunities to engage its readers. From a bulletin board to the infinite cyberspace, this maritime digital information channel is providing news, unrestricted to a physical object.

Digital publishing offers a unique value proposition. The interaction and participation enabled by digital publishing platforms empower individuals to come together and create unique online communities where people can read, share, discuss, discover and create content around common interests.

Companies like Flipsnack provide such a digital publishing platform where individuals or companies can create and share their own content and design, infused with interactive tools and possibilities. For example, with Flipsnack you can create flipbooks with tags, with each tag directing you to a text, a link, an image or a video; you can even shop directly from the digital flipbook.


An individual today, with the right content, marketing agency, and digital publishing platform can prove to be limitless. More and more companies are taking advantage of the value added tool of digital publishing to advertise their product. Moreover, with the perfect marketing agency, such as iNexxus, that uses online and mobile platforms’ activated analytics tools, companies can identify and served their target audience with greater precision, strategic planning and with higher-relevance information, elevating customer reach and engagement to another level; a level that print could never reach.

Digital publishing allows for cascading innovations and ample opportunities for any agency. It has dramatically reinvented reader and customer interaction, outreach, engagement and ease of sales. There has never been a more exciting and vigorous age for the publishing industry.

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  1. Timely article! There has been a fuss about digital marketing and so to digital publishing as well! ebooks, magazines and epubs are great examples! This became possible with the technological advancement we are in, plus almost everyone has access to the internet be it inside their homes (desktop PC) or outside (laptop, tablets, cellphones). It is like you can read whatever book you like just with the swipe of your fingertips. Animations are also a hit in digital publishing as it makes reading more interesting.


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